Use thirty hashtags/post, but do not over-use the same set of thirty.

In Instagram, if you use the same hashtags and many of them, on all/most posts, you will very likely get shadow-banned. Instagram will stop letting your posts get found through search, so you’ll get less likes, less follows and less desired actions. Counter this by using the Hashtag Suggestions option to get hashtags for each of your image uploads. The hashtags are for the specific image so they're always different.

This works in Later, Buffer, Hootsuite (search Instagram in our help; your web-to-Instagram solution is probably one of our integrations) and over 20 web tools that do web-to-phone notification scheduling.

The hashtags for image solution also works with all web to Instagram direct publishing and scheduling solutions, including Socialflow, Hootsuite, Tailwind,, and all the others, too! Just follow the instructions for desktop-to-phone Instagram scheduling.

The quick video below shows using the updated RiteTag Pro extension with both Hootsuite and Buffer. It works with all social networks and publishing sites.

See the full tutorial on the RiteTag Android app here

For those marketing locally, you can even set the hashtags for images solution to any of 28 languages. How  to switch languages.

If you already have a group of hashtags that you are thinking to use, test them in our Banned Instagram Hashtags tool.

Getting hashtags to use as a comment on an Instagram post with the RiteTag browser extension

Getting even more out of RiteTag

RiteTag Pro comes with the browser extension (Chrome, Firefox and Safari) and also includes the RiteTag Android App, which also streamlines getting hashtags specific to an image, so your hashtags are different per Instagram upload and the app makes it easy to get hashtags, paste into the caption field (or as a comment - hashtags works there, too) in an Instagram upload. 

Install the RiteTag extension for Chrome, Firefox or Safari if you haven't already.

How to set your RiteTag browser extension to a language other than English for hashtags for images. 

NOTE: This does not affect the highlighted text > right-click for Hashtag Suggestions solution.

  1. Login to the RiteTag extension if you're logged out. A subscription to RiteTag (paid) is required, and you need to always login with the same social profile or you will not access your paid RiteTag account.
  2. Right-click on the RiteTag browser button and select Options.
  3. Choose from the many languages that the RiteTag extension will use when providing hashtag suggestions for images you right-click on. 

See the full RiteTag Extension tutorial for more.

Also, you can do research with RiteTag ( and create TagSets based on your research on the site. Use the interactive analytics, with a sphere of hashtags in which when you click outside the center, you get analytics (Twitter-based, but there’s overlap of results in Instagram for most of them) on the hashtag in the center. Click the bookmark icon to send the tag to the bottom if the numbers look good (high engagement and shares vs. uniques, which are your competition). Try with this analytics page: 30 growthhacking hashtags popular on Twitter (

Remember to make a TagSet for each topic you tend to share posts on or, variations of the topic. If you continually add the same hashtags to many posts, you will probably get shadow-banned, and thus, your posts will not come up in search. This is death to likes, comments, shares - all the interaction we need in Instagram. Prevent this by doing the RiteTag research once, make TagSets on many topics, use them with appropriate posts.

Since there’s so much overlap of hashtag engagement between Twitter and Instagram (but not as much with Facebook), RiteTag is what you need. When you've done the research, though, save it, per topic, in a TagSet, for access in the RiteForge Android app and the mobile-friendly RiteTag site. Your TagSets are right on the RiteTag Dashboard, when you're signed in.

Remember, it’s all about relevancy and engagement potential, and this changes for hashtags in active use. You’ll need to check how a hashtag is doing, but there are shortcuts.

Also see: How to setup RiteForge mobile application for Android

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