What’s the difference between RiteForge's and RiteBoost's Hashtag Suggestions and Auto-Hashtagging?

Hashtag Suggestions Shows Hashtags Recently Used With Your Searched or Clicked Word/Hashtag.

Auto-Hashtagging in RiteForge and RiteBoost hashtags words in your Tweet/post by studying your entire Tweet/post in it’s current state and semantically deducing what topic(s) the Tweet is probably about, then finding hashtags for these topics, and finally, before they’re provided, they get filtered down to those with actual current and long-term engagement.

How to Study a Hashtag’s History and Geomarketing / Language Factors

Click a hashtag in your tweet or search it. Click the bar chart icon to the right of the hashtag in the results that appear. This opens the complete Analytics Page for the hashtag. See History to learn if a hashtag is steadily used or spikes/ebbs in utilization, and decide if you should use it.

See the Countries and Languages section to see where and by whom the hashtag is used, to further affect your decision to use it or not.

Tip: click the bookmark icon beside any hashtag, throughout the RiteTag site, to send it to the field at the bottom of the site. You can even jump around pages, adding more and more hashtags, and then either:

  1. compare them or
  2. save them as a TagSet

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