If you use Rite.ly Free or Rite.ly Pro without custom domain, URLs in your posts will be shortened
from: https://blog.drumup.io/blog/11-reasons-why-you-social-pages-arent-converting/ > to: http://rite.ly/jnIU

With Rite.ly Pro you can replace rite.ly with the domain of your choice

1. Purchase slots for custom domains in Rite.ly

See Upgrade page

2. Set up DNS of your domains

Login to your domain manager (GoDaddy, Namecheap, 1&1, Name.com etc.) where you bought your domain and setup your DNS records according to instructions in https://rite.ly/domains/

DNS Setup Instructions

Note: Make sure no website is running on the domain or subdomain you want to use for link shortening

a) For domains

Add following A record to the DNS:

Name (host): @
Value (content):
TTL: 3600

b) For subdomains

Add following CNAME record to the DNS:

Name (host): (your subdomain)
Value (content): rite.ly.
TTL: 3600

3. Verify your domain in Rite.ly

Go to https://rite.ly/domains/, enter your domain name and click Verify. Please note that DNS changes made in the Step 2 might take several hours to propagate. You may need to verify your domains after several hours from changing DNS records.

4. Choose the domain when creating a Link Ad

Important: The Domain of an existing Link Ad cannot be changed. If you wish to replace rite.ly domain with your own domain, you will need to make new Link Ads.

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