If you are using Buffer or Sendible as your RiteForge or RiteBoost publishing service, please check what the problem is within Buffer or Sendible.

If you are using RiteForge not only for Enhance and social post creation, but as your publisher for RiteForge or RiteBoost or both, please note:

Each tier has a posts in queues* limit, so you probably need to upgrade.

  • Posts in queues = no. of posts across all queues at any time. You can add more as they go out. If you use RiteForge with RiteBoost or schedule many posts with the Repeat feature, you will probably need to go up a tier.

Tier 1:   300 posts queued ($15/month or $150/year)

Tier 2: 2,000 posts queued ($29/month or $288/year)

Tier 3: 50,000 posts queued ($99/month or $984/year)

Compare all RiteForge Tiers

If you check your queues in the RiteForge Dashboard and find that you are well under your posts in queues limit, and still cannot Add to queue or custom time schedule, please write us for help. 

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