You can get hashtag suggestions for your Instagram photos and text - right inside Buffer and the Buffer browser extension. For those marketing locally, you can set the hashtags for images solution to any of 28 languages. How  to switch languages.

The quick video below shows using the RiteTag Pro extension with both Hootsuite and Buffer. It works with all social media publishing tools.

1) Make sure you have the RiteTag extension for Chrome, Firefox or Safari installed. 

2) Start a new post in Buffer or the Buffer browser extension with or without caption, then upload your image

3)  Right click the image and select Get hashtag Suggestions

4) Close the image and click the Copy button to copy all hashtags to your clipboard

Note: when you right-click on your image to Get Hashtag Suggestions from the mouse options, your Buffer post disappears. This is how Buffer works and something that we cannot control.

Solution: make your hashtag choices, hit Copy, then the X in the RiteTag popup. Then, click in your Buffer post, and paste your hashtags below the caption for your Instagram upload.

5) Paste the hashtags below your caption and schedule!

NOTE ON THE BUFFER UI: If you find the image/post disappears when you use RiteTag for hashtag suggestions, note that in Buffer any click away from the post creation modal has the same effect. This is how Buffer works.

What's quicker is to use RiteTag in the Buffer browser extension, in which this doesn't happen.

Note that you can also right-click images in any web page for the Get Hashtag Suggestions solution, even if you didn't upload the image to a Buffer, Hootsuite, Later, Tailwind, Sproutsocial, Viraltag, and all other desktop Instagram publishing composer.

How to set your RiteTag browser extension to a language other than English for hashtags for images. 

NOTE: This does not affect the highlighted text > right-click for Hashtag Suggestions solution.

  1. Login to the RiteTag extension if you're logged out. A subscription to RiteTag (paid) is required, and you need to always login with the same social profile or you will not access your paid RiteTag account.
  2. Right-click on the RiteTag browser button and select Options.
  3. Choose from the many languages that the RiteTag extension will use when providing hashtag suggestions for images you right-click on. 

Everything above is for RiteTag X Hootsuite; RiteBoost does far more than hashtags

Instead of hashtag suggestions only, if you would like a one-step solution for image, author-attribution, auto-hashtagging, auto-emojis and even the option to place your self-branded ad (test, image or video) on URLs in your posts, please see this tutorial on RiteBoost X Buffer:

Get everything in any/all of your Buffer queues enhanced with hashtags, emojis, images and calls-to-action on URLs in social posts

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