You can generate hashtags for your Instagram uploads (photos) right inside Hootsuite's publishing field, for their web-to-Instagram scheduling solution.

JUST ADDED: The RiteTag extension's hashtags for image solution shown in the video below also works with all web to Instagram direct publishing and scheduling solutions, including Hootsuite's - and all the others, too! Just follow the instructions for desktop-to-phone Instagram scheduling in the video for use in direct Instagram desktop upload solutions.

Here's how the RiteTag Pro extension works in Hootsuite, Buffer, Twitter and Instagram. It works with all social media networks and publishing tools:

1) Firstly, you will need to have the RiteTag extension for Chrome or Firefox installed. Here's how to use the Chrome extension in your Vivaldi, Torch, Brave, Opera, Dolphin, Yandex, Puffin, and Microsoft Edge browsers.

2) Start a new post in Hootsuite with your image caption and upload your image.

3)  Right-click the photo and select "Generate Hashtags."

4) Click the Copy button to copy all hashtags to your clipboard.

5) Paste the hashtags to your post, preferably two lines below the caption (not shown).

You can also right-click images in any web page for the Generate Hashtags solution, even if you didn't upload the image to a Hootsuite, Buffer, Tailwind, Later, Onlypult or other publishing composer. Also, there's a button beside search, on the left side on the RiteTag Hashtag Bar, for getting hashtags for any image in your computer: the up arrow button.

Everything above is for RiteTag X Hootsuite; RiteBoost does far more than hashtags

Instead of hashtag suggestions only, if you would like a one-step solution for image, author-attribution, auto-hashtagging, auto-emojis and even the option to place your self-branded ad (test, image or video) on URLs in your posts, please see this tutorial on RiteBoost X Hootsuite:

See Basic Mechanics, in the full RiteTag Extension Tutorial, for instructions on:

  • Copy and Search features¬†
  • Open/close the Hashtag Bar
  • Navigate through your last searches
  • Comparing generated hashtags based on real time engagement analytics

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