Firstly, you will need to install the RiteTag extension for Chrome, Firefox or Safari if you haven't already.

Using the RiteTag browser extension, I show how to get and add generated hashtags by highlighting a word or block of text, or clicking on an image, including one you're uploading to a Facebook update and then right-clicking for hashtag generation.
The hashtags are color-graded based on real-time engagement, saving lots of research time.

NOTE: The quick video below shows the previous RiteTag hashtag generation modal (popup), formerly "hashtag suggestions." The current RiteTag extension is far faster to use since you get the generated hashtags without scrolling, and can select some/all, copy, and close the modal.

The quick video below shows using the just updated RiteTag Pro extension with both Hootsuite and Buffer. It works with all social networks and publishing tools, including Facebook.

A) Hashtag Generation for Images

  1. Upload your image or get one from a Facebook Photo/Video Album and when the image preview appears, right-click on the image and select "Get Hashtag Suggestions."

2) Get hashtag suggestions for any image in your computer by using the camera button to the right of the search field.

HINT: The relevancy and number of hashtag suggestions for images depends on how much visual information is in your image

3) You can also right-click on images in other peoples' updates in Facebook (or any other site) for the Hashtag Suggestions option.

How to set your RiteTag browser extension to a language other than English for hashtags for images. 

NOTE: This does not affect the highlighted text > right-click for Hashtag Suggestions solution.

  1. Login to the RiteTag extension if you're logged out. A subscription to RiteTag (paid) is required, and you need to always login with the same social profile or you will not access your paid RiteTag account.
  2. Right-click on the RiteTag browser button and select Options.
  3. Choose from the many languages that the RiteTag extension will use when providing hashtag suggestions for images you right-click on.
  4. For more, see the full tutorial on how  to switch languages

B) Hashtag Generation for Text of your post

Highlight some or all of the text of your post, right-click and select Get Hashtag Suggestions

TIP: This works best with 5 to 25 words. Too much text = too many hashtags generated.)

See Basic Mechanics, in the full RiteTag Extension Tutorial, for instructions on:

  • Copy and Search features 
  • Open/close the Hashtag Bar
  • Navigate through your last searches
  • Comparing hashtag generation based on real time engagement analytics

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