TL;DR: RiteKit API gives you more logos, in higher quality, and with a transparent background (easier to use anywhere).

Volume of logos

Clearbit uses a finite dataset, only improved by self-submitted logos. There are billions of websites that are not in their database.

RiteKit extracts a logo from any website on the fly which means you get one even for the most obscure and new sites.

Transparent background 

Clearbit returns logos exactly as they were scraped from the social media accounts mentioned on a site.

RiteKit gets real logos from the site in higher quality and makes their background transparent. This makes the logos look good on any background, not just white.

See (test it without registration or reading documentation).

RiteKit Reliability

The RiteKit Company Logo API not only has most company logos ready and updated frequently, when you query with a domain for which we don’t have the logo — our machine goes out and gets it. This is what makes it the most dependable.

With any tier of the RiteKit API, you can get several solutions, but pay one price

With the RiteKit API, you can access numerous analytic and functional value-add endpoints, such as text-to-image generation, and get them all in one price tier.

There’s the free tier (100 credits/month), and Tier 0 provides 50,000 credits/month. In any tier, you can both access the Company Logo endpoint (2 credits/call), and also provide value-adds for your customers and users with our other endpoints that:

  • Make good products stickier: reduce customer churn and keep your customers/visitors longer with value-adds that make your app or SaaS product impossible to do without. Our API includes endpoints for hashtag suggestions, text to image generation and other functions that can be delivered to your customers.
  • Upsell: auto-hashtagging, auto emoji and banned Instagram hashtags filtering help with selling higher product tiers, when used as differentiating factors.

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