Your go-to solution will be to just install the app, let RiteTag serve up hashtags for the latest photos uploaded to any Instagram account. (No need to authorize your Instagram account!)

Get the RiteTag iOS or Android app from the links at the bottom of and use the verification code that we send to the email address we have from you to get into the app.


1) Enter any Instagram @username and tap Load. No authorization required, recent photos load instantly.

2) Tap to deselect any hashtags you don't want, tap Copy and then tap Open photo in Instagram.

3) Paste your hashtags as a comment and tap Post. Repeat the process for each photo.

Using a Instagram desktop publishing or desktop to phone notification solution? 

The RiteTag browser extension integrates with all of them. Here are the tutorials for those.

Working on your Instagram account and engagement on your desktop?

Getting hashtags to use as a comment on an Instagram post with the RiteTag browser extension:

Remember, if you have RiteTag, you also get full use of the site, mobile app and the browser extension.

See Basic Mechanics, in the full RiteTag Extension Tutorial, for instructions on:

  • Copy and Search features¬†
  • Opening/closing the Hashtag Bar
  • Navigate through your last searches
  • Comparing generated hashtags based on real time engagement analytics

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