You will need to have the RiteTag extension for Chrome or Firefox installed to use the solutions detailed in the video and the text below. Here's how to use the Chrome extension in your Vivaldi, Torch, Brave, Opera, Dolphin, Yandex, Puffin, and Microsoft Edge browsers.

Here are three ways to use the RiteTag browser extension (comes with RiteTag Pro) to get hashtags for a video, useful for Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Snapchat and everywhere you need hashtags or keywords for getting videos found by searchers:

NOTE: The video above shows the previous RiteTag hashtag suggestions modal (popup). The current RiteTag extension is far faster to use since you see all the suggestions without scrolling, select what you want, copy, and close the modal.

  1. Highlight the video title text, right-click and select Generate Hashtags from the mouse options.
  2. Highlight an information-rich sentence or two from the video description, right-click and select Generate Hashtags from the mouse options.
  3. From a video playlist* or anywhere videos are shown with their small cover image icon, right-click on the video and select Generate Hashtags from the mouse right-click options.

*Note that right-clicking on a video, the Generate Hashtags mouse option will not work from the video's main page. Please see the video to see how I get "no hashtag suggestions" from the video min page but from the playlist view in Youtube, right-click on the cover image > hashtag generation works.

RiteTag Pro comes with the browser extension and also includes the RiteTag Android App, which also streamlines getting hashtags specific to an image, so your hashtags are different per Instagram upload and the app makes it easy to get hashtags, paste into the caption field (or as a comment - hashtags works there, too) in an Instagram upload. 

JUST ADDED, NOT SHOWN IN THE VIDEO ABOVE: the hashtags for photo solution also works with all web to Instagram direct publishing and scheduling solutions, including Socialflow, Hootsuite, Tailwind,, and all the others, too! Just follow the instructions for desktop-to-phone Instagram scheduling.

See the full tutorial on the RiteTag Android app here.

Be sure to also see the full RiteTag Extension tutorial for more.

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