You can get an instant price quote on an interactive report on 100% of the Tweets for up to the last thirty days, that contain a given hashtag. Reports are not included with RiteTag Pro or any other subscription product. They cannot be offered on a monthly or yearly subscription because we pay for data to use in the reports based on the volume of Tweets that contains your hashtag for the length of time (up to the last 30 days) that you designate. So, for some hashtags, a report could be very expensive - also for us.

Here's how:

1) Login to (if you are not logged in already)

2) Click the hashtag Reports tab, on the left

3) Enter your one-word hashtag, hit Continue, and provide the date-range to get your cost for the report. 

TIP: Check out the sample report for the interactive over time, used along with and Top Tweets sections, as well as the downloadable datasets, for producing your own reports and for use in Salesforce, Hubspot, and beyond.

4) In most cases, we'll give you a price immediately. For hashtags that have been used in tremendous volume, we will ask for a deposit before providing a price. This is because it actually costs us just to determine what the cost will be. 

5) Compete your payment and when the payment goes through, we'll begin collecting the necessary data and will email you when your report is complete (usually this is same-day).

Cost-saving: If you are asked for a deposit and would like to reduce the cost (and get a price without the need for a deposit), try ordering with a shorter range of dates.

The reports include detailed insights on sentiment, devices, geodata and much more. Each dataset is exportable, including a full list of Tweets and accounts for further use in ad-targetting, CRM tools, etc. Users can get a quote on a report built from 100% of the Tweets containing a given hashtag for up to the last thirty days.

Hashtag Report use cases

  1. Assessment of the results of a marketing campaign or event, by the organizing school, company, NGO, government, etc.
  2. For event, PR and social media marketing agencies, as a deliverable for clients, to show the results they garnered.
  3. For groups organizing social campaigns, fundraisers and so on: as a deliverable to those who made it happen.

Reports FAQ

We are unable to offer reports on Instagram or other social networks. Our Hashtag Reports are based on Twitter data.

We can only provide reports based on a range of dates up until thirty dates in the past. We do not offer hashtag "tracking," for which all Tweets are saved from and starting date, and ongoing.

Abbreviations found in the downloads in Hashtag Reports

UND = "undefined," or, we do not have the language or country of origin for the Tweet.

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