Here's how to add the RiteTag Pro browser extension to a browser, such as Opera/Vivaldi/Brave/etc. that uses Chrome browser extensions

  1. Go to the Chrome RiteTag page while on your Vivaldi, Edge, Torch, Brave, Opera, Dolphin, Yandex, or Puffin web browser. For RiteTag, you will need to visit the Chrome RiteTag page while you are on your non-Chrome browser. Or, for RiteForge, you will need to visit RiteForge for Chrome (in the ChromeStore) while on your non-Chrome web browser.
  2. Open the non-Chrome browser.
  3. Click the Settings and more (three-dotted) button in the top-right.
  4. Select the Extensions option. Select the Chromium extensions option.
  5. Turn on the Allow extensions from other stores toggle switch. In the non-Chrome browser, enable Chrome extensions.
  6. Click the Allow button.

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Remember: you can add your RiteTag Pro Extension to Chrome, Firefox and Safari, too - any/all, and with just one RiteTag Pro account, even on multiple machines and mobile devices, too. (Be sure to get the mobile app too - for both Android and iOS.)

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