Some RiteForge customers are seeing posts stuck, not getting published to Facebook, due to Facebook refusing to accept the posts due to "offensive content." What Facebook is deeming offensive are image attachments. They are probably concerned with the possibility of copyright violations.

In general, if you attach an image to a post to be scheduled to Facebook, Facebook will not accept it and it will get stuck in RiteForge. The same thing will happen if you use RiteBoost and schedule with Buffer. So, for your posts to Facebook, it's best to let Facebook show an image preview rather than attach your own image or use the "extract image from link" option in Enhance.

If you are using Enhance, the fix is easy, whether your posts are stuck in RiteForge or in Buffer or Sendible. See the 3-minute video below, which explains that you should:

  1. Remove and then re-add any Facebook Pages you will publish to from RiteForge/RiteBoost.
  2. Make a new Enhance Preset that does nothing with images. Facebook will instead display an image preview from your or full URL in your Enhanced posts.

Not in video: I would actually also deselect the "Append author's Twitter handle" option from the Enhance Preset you'll make for FB and in the Enhance section of the RiteBoost Bulk Creator Formula, since what gets tagged is a Twitter account handle, and thus not meaningful for Facebook.

We've tested this, and posts are getting published to Facebook with no image, but in Facebook, an image preview shows from either full URL or URL in the posts:

Here's the Enhance Preset used to get this effect:

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