Adding a RiteBoost CSV Source

Step 1: +New Formula (top-left), then select the first column by clicking on the column heading, 'A'

Step 2: Go to Format > Number > More Formats > Custom number format

In the text box, enter MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm or dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm (depending on which format you would like to use to enter times), and click Apply. This will ensure that the times that you enter follow the given format. 

Step 3: Enter your updates, following the rules mentioned above

Step 4: Find the spreadsheet in RiteBoost Bulk Creator by its name when you +New Formula

Pro Tip: What to do when your CSV file contains more than 100 lines, but RiteBoost Bulk Creator loads just 100 posts?

  1. +New Formula > select CSV.
  2. Enhance and schedule any/all of the 100 posts you get.
  3. Delete the CSV Formula (click the Formula name on left side of Bulk Creator, then, below the opened Formula, Delete Formula)
  4. +New Formula > select the same CSV but choose "from line" and start with the line number that's one after the last post you processed.
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 3 until you've processed all the posts in your CSV file.

Common Errors

If you are receiving a processing error or unexpected results, run through the following list of common errors

  • Wrong date format selected in the dropdown.
  • Hyphens used instead of slashes in the time.
  • Updates with times that have already passed: the CSV scheduling feature will ignore any updates with expired times. It will also show you a notification after processing the entire file if any updates were ignored. Make sure you're using the timezone that you specified in Settings.
  • Escaped punctuation: you should not escape punctuation in the update text (often, spreadsheet editors will escape characters for you automatically). The best place to edit your CSV file before uploading is a simple text editor, like Notepad. If you see unexpected slashes and other punctuation marks, then this is probably the problem.
  • Missing comma after the update text: this comma is required regardless of whether you are including the optional URL. You can cross-check this by opening the Sheet in a text editor.
  • Commas in the URL: although this is very rare, you should make sure that no commas appear in the URL.
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