Adding a RiteBoost Bulk Creator Google Sheets Source

Step 1: +New Formula (top-left), then select the first column by clicking on the column heading, 'A'

Step 2: Go to Format > Number > More Formats > Custom number format

In the text box, enter MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm or dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm (depending on which format you would like to use to enter times), and click Apply. This will ensure that the times that you enter follow the given format. You can even take a few shortcuts using the custom format feature: for example, you can simply type in '1 July 2015 9pm', and Google Spreadsheets will take care of the formatting for you!

Step 3: Enter your updates, following the rules mentioned above

Step 4: Find the spreadsheet in RiteBoost Bulk Creator by its name when you +New Formula

Pro Tip: What to do when your Google Sheet contains more than 100 posts, but RiteBoost Bulk Creator loads 100 posts?

  1. +New Formula > select Google Sheet.
  2. Enhance and schedule any/all of the 100 posts you get.
  3. Delete the Google Sheet Formula (click the Formula name on left side of RiteBoost Bulk Creator, then, below the opened Formula, Delete Formula).
  4. +New Formula > select the same Google Sheet but choose "from line" and start with the line number that's one after the last post you processed.
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 3 until you've processed all the posts in your Sheet.

Common Errors

If you are receiving a processing error or unexpected results, run through the following list of common errors

  • Wrong date format selected in the dropdown.
  • Hyphens used instead of slashes in the time.
  • Updates with times that have already passed: the Google Sheet scheduling feature will ignore any updates with expired times. It will also show you a notification after processing the entire file if any updates were ignored. Make sure you're using the timezone that you specified in Settings.
  • Escaped punctuation: you should not escape punctuation in the update text (often, spreadsheet editors will escape characters for you automatically). The best place to edit your Sheet before uploading is a simple text editor, like Notepad. If you see unexpected slashes and other punctuation marks, then this is probably the problem.
  • Missing comma after the update text: this comma is required regardless of whether you are including the optional URL. You can cross-check this by opening the Sheet in a text editor.
  • Commas in the URL: although this is very rare, you should make sure that no commas appear in the URL.
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