Here’s what you’ll need to do to get started with RiteForge Social Media Enhance for Android

  • Install the app to your Android Mobile Device (Get it on Google Play)
  • In your Android's Accessibility settings, enable RiteForge.
  • Next, select the actions you want RiteForge to complete when you type /enhance. Remember, RiteForge's Enhance features activate when you type /enhance on your Android mobile device, so you must tell RiteForge which actions you want to be completed upon typing /enhance.
  • Type /enhance at the end of your post in any of the integrated Android apps.
  • Watch your post magically obtain topic relevant hashtags, extract an image from any link, and add a short URL (with a baked in Link Ad).

You can even set up multiple /words that do different things. In the screenshot below, /bagobago is set to just do URL shortening with (to include a Link Ad on the link in the post/tweet/update.

In this short tutorial, learn how to set up and use RiteForge Social Media Enhance on Android.

A few extra bits of information:

  • Type /undo before sending your update to reverse what changed when you typed /enhance
  • You can change the magic word /enhance to any word of your choice simply by tapping on it in your RiteForge settings.
  • For link shortening, set that up in RiteKit Enhance Settings tab, where you can set as your shortener and get calls-to-action going on on URLs in your social posts. is your startafire alternative with unlimited Link Ads, and rather than text only, they can be video, image or text Link Ads with full branding, for just $15/month. even has a basic free version, with your login social profile for the Link Ad button target (whwere people go if they click the call to action button in your Link Ad).
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