RiteKit product free trial expirations and your assurance that you will not be billed

If you authorized your Twitter or Facebook account to use with any/all RiteKit products, this just gives you a way to access your account. 

  • We will never post anything from your social profiles without action from you
  • We will never bill your credit card or PayPal account without your express decision to subscribe to a RiteKit product. You would need to upgrade to one or more of the paid products and at that time, add a payment method.
  • You may be a customer of one product and then do a free trial of another RiteKit product. You will not be automatically billed when you trial ends. You can upgrade at any time during or after your trial but if you do not do so, the trial just ends. We do not "assume the sale."

Ending your RiteTag or any RiteKit free trial or ending any/all paid subscriptions

Even if you started a trial of any of our products, if are not paying for any RiteKit products, there's probably no need to cancel. Note that we do not ask for credit card or PayPal details when you start any of our free trials. We'll let you know by email that they are expiring, but if you do not proactively upgrade, you will not be charged.

If you started any free trials and do not want to pay for the product(s) after the trial, please note that your trial(s) will just expire. You will not be billed. You would need to proactively upgrade to go from trial to customer.

If you are paying for one or more products and want to stop your recurring payment
Please write us and note which products you want to cancel. We will do that within hours and email you to let you know that it's been done.

To opt out of getting emails from us, deselect receive important updates and save.

Removing any RiteKit (or any) browser extensions 

If your trial expires and you do not upgrade, your browser extension functionality will end. If you try to use it, you will be prompted to upgrade. If you have no intention to upgrade, you will need to remove the extension manually.

If you are a customer of a product and your browser extension prompts you to upgrade, you are most likely logged in with a social profile other than the social profile that you set up your paid account with. 

Please logout, refresh your browser tab, and login with your RiteKit login social profile. You will need to refresh any browser tabs that are already open to gain access to functions provided with your paid account.  

Reporting bugs and getting one-on-one help

Chat with us when you're logged in. This way, we'll know who you are and have access to past conversations. Remember: the chat takes screenshots, which help greatly and also, allow us to forward bugs to the developers.

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