How to get to the interactive Hashtag Analytics pages right where you do social

Just type a hashtag, select the Hashtag Actionables tool, and click the stats icon to the right of any of the Hashtag Suggestions.

From the RiteForge browser extension or throughout the RiteTag site, you can search hashtags to open RiteTag analytics pages. You can also search the site for these pages or HashTag Explorers, with the spherical tree (try clicking hashtags on the outer layers of the tree to see hashtags associated with hashtags associated with your searched hashtag!)

Then, when you find hashtags appropriate for your topic and also, with a high retweets/hour and/or impressions/hour vs. unique Tweets/hour, click the bookmark icon beside any hashtag, throughout the RiteTag site, to send it to the field at the bottom of the site. You can even jump around pages, adding more and more hashtags, and then either:

  1. compare them or
  2. save them as a TagSet, to use in the RiteForge browser extension

How to put the numbers to work, right where you Tweet: low uniques vs. high retweets and/or impressions

In the integrated sites, click a hashtag to see the Hashtag Actionables (engagement analytics). View unique tweets as your competition, and retweets/hour and impressions/hour as your wins. Change singular/plural, push together or break up words (e.g. test #humanresources #hr, etc. but if #hrtips shows low numbers, try #hr). Try to get 1-2 hashtags with high retweets and/or impressions vs. low relative uniques.

One green, one blue, never more than two - Saul


How to Understand and Use Hashtag Actionables

Associated Hashtags vs. Hashtag Suggestions

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