The RiteTag browser extension and mobile application are very helpful not only for marketing to an English speaking audience, but also to those communicating, searching/curating within social and mainly doing business in other languages. With RiteTag Pro, get hashtags for any image in Spanish, French, Portugese, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Arabic, Danish, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Hindi, Russian, Ukranian, Thai, Polish, Malay, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish and many other languages. They're great for engagement in Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

Testing the results of the hashtags for images in various languages

Test hashtags for images, including your own (the Upload my image button), on the Dashboard. If you're in the RiteKit site, click "Hashtags" at the top.

How to set your RiteTag browser extension to a language other than English for hashtags for images. 

NOTE: This does not affect the  highlighted text > right-click for Hashtag Suggestions solution.

1) Login to the RiteTag extension if you're logged out. A subscription to RiteTag (paid) is required, and you need to always login with the same social profile or you will not access your paid RiteTag account.

2) Right-click on the RiteTag browser button and select Options.

3) Choose from the many languages that the RiteTag extension will use when providing hashtag suggestions for images you right-click on. 

4) In the RiteTag Android app, to change the language for the hashtags for images option:

  1. Search for hashtags from an image
  2. Tap on Language of Hashtags

How to assess the use of a hashtag by country and language, in RiteTag analytics

You can search at the top of RiteTag by clicking on Hashtags at the top of the site, search and open a Hashtag Exploration page, such as
TIP: try changing the Christmas at the end of the URL above to something else. 

Then, click on View Stats to open the full analytics on the hashtag, with information on the countries and languages using the hashtag, by percentages. You can also change the timezone to see, from your own perspective, when a hashtag is most used.

The link to the right of any of the Hashtag Suggestions opens the Stats Page for the Hashtag, with six hourly stats and these sections, in Graphs

  • Usage in the last 30 days
  • Best day of the week
  • Best time of the day**
  • Popular accounts that used the hashtag most recently
  • Geographic distribution 
  • Languages of Tweets in which the hashtag is being used
  • Images shared with the hashtag

** Not shown in the video above: you can also set timezone to see when a hashtag is most active from your own time-perspective. Do this just below the Best time of day section:

TIP: At the bottom of Stats Pages you'll find the spherical tree for exploration of hashtags used with your searched hashtag. Click outside the center of the hashtag to learn more about the hashtags used with hashtags related to what you searched.

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