Start by searching hashtags in the RiteTag mobile application, extension or site and make decisions beginning with the color grade and even better decisions by studying the numbers. See How to understand and use hashtag color grading for everything you need to know about using RiteTag color-grading with RiteTag, RiteForge and RiteBoost for Twitter, Instagram and all social networks with clickable hashtags.

Using the RiteTag browser extension, you can highlight text and right-click for Hashtag Suggestions. Then, use the Compare button on the far right of the RiteTag Hashtag Bar that opens to compare the Hashtag Suggestions on six data points. 

TIP: first remove any unneeded hashtags from the Hashtag Bar by clicking on them and clicking Remove before using the Copy or Remove buttons.

You start with topic relevance, but want to see a high number of hourly Exposure and/or hourly Retweets vs. a relative low number of Unique Tweets/hour. This way, your Tweet has a high chance of coming up for hashtag-clickers, searchers and also, you also have a far higher chance of your Tweets and Instagram images getting automatically curated and republished in, Scoopit,, Bottlenose, Instapaper, Klout, and countless other services that people set up to pull social posts based on hashtags that they designate.

HDoing research in RiteTag, comparing hashtag analytics, and using TagSets you make with RiteTag in RiteForge and RiteBoost

In analytics pages, take a look at languages/countries where the hashtag is used most, and see recent Tweets (right-side widget) to see how the hashtag is used contextually, and check whether it is mainly used in tag-spammy Tweets.

Next, scroll down to the spherical tree, click around the sphere to see stats on hashtags recently used with your searched hashtag

Note that you can even change the hashtag in the box over the sphere to search hashtags related to another hashtag on-the-fly. Or, return to your originally-searched hashtag with the return button just to the right of the search field above the sphere:

As you find hashtags that look promising, click the bookmark button to send them to the Compare / Save TagSet box at the bottom of the RiteTag site.

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