You can get hashtag suggestions for your Instagram image uploads and also entire posts and blocks of text - right inside!

Watch the one minute tutorial video, or follow the instructions below.

In the video, I show how to get hashtag suggestions by right-clicking on an image. With the RiteTag extension installed in your browser you can do this and also:

  • Get hashtag suggestions by typing a hashtag 
  • Highlight a block of text for the right-click Get Hashtag Suggestions solution  

The hashtags are color-graded based on real-time engagement, saving lots of research time, and it's a breeze to add any or all.

1) Firstly, you will need to have the RiteTag extension for Chrome, Firefox or Safari installed

2) Start a new post in by clicking on Compose a new post in the Drumup dashboard.

3) Click the camera icon to upload an image

4) Right-click on the image and select "Get Hashtag Suggestions"

5) Click any hashtag to add it or, better yet, and for a great collection of hashtags, just for that image, click the Copy button to copy all hashtags to your clipboard

7) Paste the hashtags to the Caption section of your post

8) Select your Instagram account, set scheduling time and save. The post will send you a phone notification at the time you designate, for easy upload to Instagram!

You can also right-click images in any web page for the Get Hashtag Suggestions solution, even if you didn't upload the image to a Drumup or other publishing composer. Also, there's a button beside search, on the left side on the RiteTag Hashtag Bar, for getting hashtags for any image in your computer: the up arrow button.

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