Watch me get hashtag suggestions, select and add to an image I upload to Instagram on Android (iOS help is below):

The steps:

  1. Install the RiteTag app for Android
  2. Open the RiteTag app
  3. Tap the camera icon in the search bar and select an image
  4. You'll get your hashtag suggestions, starting with Instagram -only hashtag suggestions. Below you'll see the greens and blues which are good for all social networks: Instagram as well as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.
  5. Tap hashtags to select as many as you want and hit Copy
  6. In Instagram, start an image upload and in the caption field, paste the hashtags

Note: the Hashtag Suggestions for Images feature is available to RiteTag Pro customers. 

In the RiteTag Android app, to change the language for the hashtags for images option:

  1. Search for hashtags from an image
  2. Tap on Language of Hashtags

For iOS RiteTag customers 

For now, please use "for images" > "upload my image" on the Dashboard
You can follow the same process shown in the video above. Hashtag suggestions for Instagram photos is coming to the RiteTag iOS app in a few months.

Using a Instagram desktop publishing or desktop to phone notification solution?

The RiteTag browser extension integrates with all of them. Here are the tutorials for those.

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