Install the RiteTag extension for Chrome, Firefox or Safari if you haven't already.

As on the RiteTag homepage, get the extension, reload any already open browser tabs, and then, whenever you type a hashtag and a space, you get color-grading, based on engagement history for the past month. Also, in RiteTag Pro (which includes the browser extension and mobile apps), type a hashtag or use the search feature to get Hashtag Suggestions.

Here's the RiteTag Pro extention tutorial:

You can also set the extension to not grade hashtags (the hashtag bar wont open) on any site you like. Manage blocked sites by right-clicking the RiteTag browser button for "Options."

What to do if you don't get the RiteTag Hashtag Bar with color-grading and hashtag suggestions

  1. Do you have the RiteTag extension installed? Do you see the RiteTag browser button at the top-right of Chrome/FireFox? 
  2. Are you logging in with the correct Facebook, Twitter or Buffer account that you created your RiteKit account with? Whatever social profile you were on when you got the RiteTag browser extension, please always login to RiteTag with this social profile. Your extension will not work if you log in to it with another social profile.
  3. If you have the extension installed, please try right-clicking on the browser button, select Options and check your blocked sites. You might need to unblock a site or two.
  4. Did you right-click on the RiteTag browser button for "options" and check if the site you're typing a hashtag on is on the blocked list? You can unblock it, if that's the case. 
  5. If still experiencing a problem, please send a screenshot with the Chrome console open. To do that, on Windows, press control-shift-j and select the Console tab in the thing that opens on the right side. Scroll to the bottom. Then, please type a hashtag and a space in any field on the left side of the page - the actual web page - and if the RiteTag footer doesn't come up and either color-grade the hashtag or prompt you to login please send a screenshot including the bottom of the web console (control-shift-j, to open the web console) to

What to do if you paid for RiteTag PRO and keep getting prompted to login/pay

You probably have old code.

Logout of the extension, refresh the browser tab, and login by typing a hashtag and a space to get the RiteTag Hashtag Bar which will ask you to login.

How to logout of the extension: right-click on the RiteTag browser button, select Options, and then, at the bottom, logout.

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