Social media publishing: Buffer vs. RiteKit Package

Buffer Premium is $65/month, as is the full RiteKit Package, but Buffer Premium gives you 2,000 posts in each social profile queue, and limits you to 8 social accounts. The tier of RiteForge included with the RiteKit Package let's you spread your 2,000 posts in social account queues over unlimited social profiles. The main reasons to go with RiteForge are the time-savers on image and social post generation and the ability to advertise on top of blogs, Youtube videos, much more - and do it all with unlimited brands and unlimited white-label advertisements for those brands.

What about at the $15 or $99/month tiers of Buffer or RiteForge (or other social media publishing solutions)?

*$99/month: Those doing social for clients would probably want Buffer Business or RiteForge $99/month. However, with Buffer, you are limited to 2,000 posts queued at any time to up to 25 social profiles. With RiteForge, you get unlimited social profiles and 50,000 posts queued at any time. Thus, you can take on tens of clients on your lower tiers (maybe just 1 couple posts/day X 3 social profiles/client), and many clients on higher tiers (more posts/day X more social profiles/client). On the other hand, with Buffer, you get the same 2,000 posts queued per social profile. What if you have 6 low or middle-tier clients with four social profiles each, for whom you do 5 posts/day/profile? In this case, you would use 24 out of the 25 social profiles Buffer gives at the $99 level (Business), but not be making much money. With RiteForge, you would be using almost none of your 50,000 posts in queues limit and still be taking on many, many more clients.

$15/month: You are probably doing social for your own company/organization and so, the eight social profiles Buffer Pro provides is enough. The problem is that you will find that 100 posts queued/profile makes little sense, when for Pinterest, LinkedIn and Facebook Pages, it would be a mistake and get you unfollowed (by flooding your audience) if you posted the 5 to 15 posts/day you should do for Twitter. With RiteForge, for the same $15/month, with unlimited social profiles, 300 total posts in queues at any time (add more as they go out), you can do social for yourself, your company, your favorite club... maybe even one or two clients, before you need to upgrade your RiteForge. We see this as just plain fair.

Are you on Buffer Premium? Compare what you get for the same $65/month from Ritekit: the full RiteKit package

When you consider that it makes sense to publish more frequently to some social profiles rather than, say, LinkedIn or Facebook, the ability to spread your posts-in-queues limit as you wish - and thus, might do 5 to 15/day per Twitter account, but just 1/day per LinkedIn company page - lets you do more with any tier of RiteForge vs. Buffer.

We think you'll like social post auto-generation with Enhance and generating text images in 2 seconds, not 6 minutes - and soft-selling every time you share a post containing a URL.

Here's why it makes sense to do your social a whole new way:

With the RiteKit Package, you get the RiteForge 2,000 scheduled posts in queues tier, enough for any company, organization or social media agency with several clients. (See below if you need a fatter package.)
You also all the social crafting tools built into the RiteForge Composer for Enhancing posts with your unique rules for auto-hashtagging, attribution, emojis, and even the ability to advertise on URLs in your posts.
You can also auto-generate and schedule up to 100 posts at a time with RiteBoost (Bulk Creator).
Also included are Image/GIF Templates, which generate your self-branded animated or non-animated text images in 2 seconds. With Buffer Pablo, nothing is templated; each use of Pablo opens a new browser tab and forgotten when you close the tab, and done from scratch, take 2 to 6 minutes each to prepare.
No need to pay for in order to sell on URLs in posts. is included, and does video ads that doesn't have. Compare with (included in the package).

2,000 posts scheduled over unlimited social profile or 2,000 posts scheduled to each of eight profiles, which does more for you?

A huge plus, your queued posts limit is for all posts combined with RiteKit, spread over all your social profile queues. Thus, while you may have some clients on your lite or "bronze" plan, and you might just create and schedule 1 to 3 posts/day for just Twitter and Facebook, your enterprise or "platinum" clients may get 10 posts/day and to more social profiles. With Buffer, it's a flat 2,000 posts/queue limit X eight social profiles; with RiteKit, there's no limit on social profiles, just the posts queued. Thus, if you have several small clients, you would have what you need with the tier of RiteForge included with the RiteKit Package.

PR and marketing agencies in need of more than 2,000 posts in queues, more Enhances/month and/or more Link Ad clicks, custom domains...
*Agencies should chat to us on our site, tell us the volume of posts in queues needed, etc. We can create a package for larger volume requirements.
Write us with your needs or chat to us on the RiteKit site and we'll work something out for you.

"But, are you guys aiming to upsell me...?"

We hope to have you with us for many years to come. As such, we do not hope to upsell or cross-sell to you. Many have asked for a "one and done" solution that provides more than ample access to all of our products. See this comprehensive page on the RiteKit Package. For $65/month or $650/year, you get full access to all four products detailed in our pricing: RiteTag, RiteForge, RiteBoost and You get the full RiteTag, a tier of RiteForge that is comparable with the $65/month tier of Buffer, a high tier of RiteBoost (automation), and a huge tier of

When you're ready to get set up and running with all of RiteKit available to you, see the quick setup tutorial.
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