Updated June 4, 2021
You will need to login to any of the RiteKit sites with your login social profile. Please always use this. If you use a different one, you will create a new RiteKit account and the new one will not have access to any of your settings or your paid product privileges. To share your RiteKit Package, add social profiles of those on your team (you will need their login credentials) and "Allow for login."

Click the RiteKit logo, top-left in any of our sites to get to your Settings. Click the + under Twitter, Facebook Pages*, Pinterest or LinkedIn (profile or company page). 

Note that no third-party apps are able to publish to Facebook Profiles or Groups anymore; Facebook took this back.

Adding social profiles from a social network for which you already added one

If you your login is Twitter and you wish to add an additional Twitter account: 

After logging in to RiteKit with the right Twitter account, your RiteKit login Twitter account, open another browser tab, and in this tab, log out of Twitter and login to Twitter with the Twitter account that you wish to add.
Select the browser tab in which you are logged in to RiteKit and now click the + to add the Twitter account that you just logged in to in the other tab.

The same can be done with other social profiles: always login to RiteKit with your login social profile. Open a new tab to log out, then in, to the account in Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter, for which you wish to connect a different account. 

NOTE: There is no limit on how many social profiles you connect in any tier of RiteForge. The limits per tier are based upon how many posts are in your queues at any given time.

JUST ADDED, not in the tutorial videos yet: schedule/publish to unlimited Instagram Business Accounts!
Add IG Business accounts in the RIteKit Dashboard, than you'll generate brilliant IG posts in seconds, schedule to any of your IG Business Accounts in RiteForge site and browser extension and the RiteBoost Bulk Creator automation dashboard:

Instagram Business Account publishing from RiteForge and RiteBoost

Also, for ingesting content and if you wish to use biut.ly for shortening, rather than rite.ly for URL shortening with your advertisement shown to the those who click URLs in yorur social posts, you can connect your bit.ly account, Feedly, Youtube in https://ritekit.com/integrations/
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