With any tier of RiteForge or with the RiteKit Package, you can create and publish both photo posts and RiteForge Image Templates to any of the Instagram Business Profiles that you manage.

Every Facebook Page you manage has an Instagram Business Profile associated with it. Whether you are owner or manager of Facebook pages, you can connect and publish to them from RiteKit. Or, here's why and how to convert a Personal Instagram profile to an IG Business Profile.

Here's our first post from RiteForge: https://www.instagram.com/p/CK6QsO3LKpZ/

Just as with other social network profiles, you can connect and publish to unlimited Instagram Business Accounts - regardless of your tier of RiteForge (or whether you have the RiteKit Package. The tiers are based on the number of posts that can be queued at a time - across all social profiles.

Add IG Business accounts in the RIteKit Dashboard, than you'll generate brilliant IG posts in seconds, schedule to any of your IG Business Accounts in RiteForge site and browser extension and the RiteBoost Bulk Creator automation dashboard:

Instagram Business Account publishing from RiteForge and RiteBoost

Remember, with RiteForge Image Templates each template can have a different logo. If you manage multiple Instagram Business Accounts, this will be extremely helpful, especially is you like to share motivational quotes, etc.

We are working on a way to auto-post a comment with RiteTag-generated hashtags and/or RiteTag Hashtag Sets on Instagram posts that you send from RiteForge. Analytics on sent Instagram posts and more options for Image Templates are also in the works. Look out for our newsletters and changes to your RiteForge Dashboard.
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