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Building with RiteKit: get company logos, auto-hashtagging, auto-emoji, and more in your SaaS or web/mobile app

Updated February 1, 2023

Perhaps you would like the best solution for automatically populating company logo for new signups of your web/mobile application, based on the email domain they sign up with. That's our Company Logo API. We get company logos for nearly all types of logos, SVG, etc., but not animated GIF logos.

Or, if your product offers social media publishing, you'll want to see the RiteKit APIs that improve engagement and ROI of your customers' social media posts. Test them in our API Demo Dashboard.

auto-hashtagging -
hashtag suggestions from text or from image (a RiteKit API exclusive!)
link shortening with or without a Link Ad
and for your site and apps, company logo
Want a built-in Canva or Buffer Pablo in your site, web app or mobile app? Test our Text to Image solution - 100 credits/month free; 100,000/month, $99 and 250,000/month, just $150/month.

We tested 100 domains with the RiteKit API, the 3 other most reliable company logo APIs and also ChatGPT (OpenAI).

Inspect the full data from our test of all the best company logo solutions (and chatGPT) here.

Company Logo Solutions and their Success Rates

Inspect the full data from our test of all the best company logo solutions (and chatGPT) here.

Bulk Domain company logo orders

We can manually extract the logos for you and provide a zip folder with all the logos at the end. Since this involves manual work on our side, we provide this service only for 200k domains or more. Note that we charge per domain you provide; if the number is high, some may not, in fact actually have a logo. You should test some domains in our demo dashboard to get a fair expectation of what you will get from us. Also, since the bulk extract method involves manual work from us, and delivers far faster than if you use the API, your cost will be far higher.

Using any tier of our API would be far cheaper than bulk extract. Note that we are radically different from Clearbit in that they only provide a logo is they already have it; if we do not have it, we get it.

To get a quote and estimated delivery time for bulk logos: please contact us with the exact number of domains for which you need logos to get a quote, and the email to which to send the invoice. Best is to get started with our API on a paid tier and then, when we have a price for you and an estimated delivery date for bulk extract for the exact number of logos you need, we can bill the credit card you use for our API.

We cannot guarantee that we will provide logos for 100% of the domains you give us. Some domains will have been shut down, others simply have no actual logo.

To get a quote for a bulk domains company logo order, please:
confirm that you are happy with the success rate. We recommend that you test our Company Logo in the Demo Dashboard or on the free or other tier of the API, and test with a number of domains.
provide the exact number of domains that you need us to attempt to get logos for.
either get started on a paid tier of our API, as you will probably want to continue to get logos for new signups/customers as you get them. If you do not wish to use our Permanent Image URL API to load the company logo images after we first get them for you, you can cache them on your server and not continue with our API. In this latter case, please provide the Paypal email to bill you for the order.. Easiest is if you also start with our API on any paid tier (starts at US$99/month) - which most customer do, since even if they do the bulk domain order, they anticipate more signups, more logos to get with our API.

We will reply with a price quote and an estimate on how long it will take before we can deliver all the logos we're able to get. Please advise whether you wish to cache the logos on your server or, after the bulk order, continue with our API and use our Permanent Image URL API and load from RiteKit.

Then, we would need you to email a CSV file attachment to with valid URLs, one per line. Root domain URL or even long-tail URL is fine. Some of your users may use different logos on different pages, so you may want to give long-tail URLs for some. We can handle missing http or https.

We will deliver a CSV with URLs of the logos (logos only). The URLs will expire in one month if you do not opt to continue with the Permanent Image URL API on at least Tier 1, so you would need to cache the logos from the URLs we send you or, continue consuming with the Permanent Image API (Tier 1 or higher).

The format will be a zipped CSV file as such:

NOTE: Our costs do not depend on whether we find a logo or not. By far the most expensive part is searching the website for a potential logo, downloading all the images, checking whether they are the logo or not, etc. We thus suggest that before placing a (non-refundable) bulk domains order, please do test our quality with real domains you have in our API Demo Dashboard or by consuming on the Free Tier.

Updated on: 31/01/2023

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