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Updated July 18, 2023

Bulk Company Logo Orders

We can manually extract logos from the list of your domains and provide a final CSV file with URLs of the logos (the URLs are valid for 30 days). No coding on your side needed.

We get company logos for nearly all types of logos, SVG, etc., but not animated GIF logos.

When to use RiteKit no-code Company Logo solution:
If you need to fill your database with logos only once or once in a few months
If you do not want your developers to spend their time on learning and implementing RiteKit API instead of working on the core of your product
If you need the logos quickly (we can provide you hundreds of thousands of logos usually in just about 2 weeks from the moment of order)

Important notes:
Since this involves manual work on our side, we provide this service only for 200k domains or more.
We cannot guarantee that we will provide logos for 100% of the domains you give us. Some domains will have been shut down, others simply have no actual logo. However, due to our cost structure we charge per domain you provide, not per logo found. By far the most expensive part is searching the website for a potential logo, downloading all the images, checking whether they are the logo or not, etc. We recommend you to test some of the domains in your real database in our demo dashboard to get a fair expectation of what you will get from us.
Please note that bulk extract method involves manual work from us, and delivers far faster than if you use the API, your cost will be higher than using an API (it might still be lower than paying your own developers though). If you have limited budget, using any tier of our API would be far cheaper than bulk extract.

To get a quote for a bulk company logo order, please:
We recommend that you test our Company Logo API in the Demo Dashboard or on the free or other tier of the API, and test with a number of domains. Kindly understand what bulk company logo orders are non-refundable, as it costs us to fill such orders. We then need you to confirm that you are happy with the success rate.

Provide the exact number of domains that you need us to attempt to get logos for.

Let us know how do you plan to store the logos. The logo URLs provided in the CSV file will expire after 30 days. This should give you plenty of time to download the logos and cache them on your server. If you do not want to pay for hosting logos on your servers, you can keep fetching logos cheaply from our servers even after 30 days. You will need to pay separately for one of our API tiers and use our Permanent Image URL API. Example implementation: <img src="">

Please provide the PayPal email to bill you for the order.

Send all above-mentioned information to or chat it to us on our site.

We will reply with a price quote.

Required inputs from your side
Email a CSV file attachment to with valid URLs, one per line. Root domain URL or even long-tail URL is fine. Some of your users may use different logos on different pages, so you may want to give long-tail URLs for some. We can handle missing http or https.

Delivered output from us
We will deliver a CSV file with URLs of the logos. The URLs will expire in 30 days if you do not opt to continue with the Permanent Image URL API on at least Tier 1, so you would need to cache the logos from the URLs we send you or, continue consuming with the Permanent Image API (Tier 1 or higher).

The format will be a CSV file as such:

Company Logo CSV

We always return PNG version of originalLogo and squareLogo. You can count on that.
Whenever possible, we provide SVG version of originalLogo and/or squareLogo as well.
Fallback logo generated from detected website colors is marked with generated = true. This way you can decide later whether you want to use those logos in your app or come up with your own fallback solution.

All API calls are subject to a rate limit of 100 calls per second.

Company Insights FAQ

I was researching ClearBit alternatives / competitors. I am curious to know how many logos your logo API currently supports?
Unlike Clearbit, we do not provide only logos already saved in our database. We are able to get logos on the fly from any website, basically making our inventory infinite. Please see this article for comparing our solution with Clearbit's.

In what format do we get RiteKit company Logo API response? Do you get SVG logos, too?
We always return PNG file of original logo and square logo. Whenever possible, we provide URLs of SVG version of a logo too.

I tried the API, but it’s sometimes slow. For some domains, I need to wait around 30 seconds to get a result.
The API is almost instant for the logos that we already have in the database. However, if we do not have the logo yet we have to download the homepage of the website and all the images there to determine which one is the logo. This is why it sometimes takes longer, depending on how slow and big their site is. The analysis on our side is very fast after that. This is why we are able to achieve extraordinary success rate in finding the logo. However, unlike other company's company logo APIs, our's will get logos from the slowest of sites, websites with index pages that take 30 seconds or even more to load.

Is it possible to disable CORS for our domain and all subdomains of it?
The API itself does not support CORS. However, it does return both temporary logo URL as well as permanent URL that can be used in IMG src attribute regardless of the domain. In case of using permanent image URL, each image view costs 1 API credit.

Can we make fetch requests from the browser?
Calling a paid API directly from the browser is not a good idea from a security point of view. Anyone visiting your website could see your API token and incur huge costs on your behalf.

I am not even trying to do an external API call, all I'm doing is using a basic HTML tag similar to this one: img src=link_to_ritekit_company_logo.
Direct IMG src implementation is not supported. However, you can call the API to get permanent URL that can be then used in IMG src attribute. In that case, each image view costs 1 API credit. Example implementation: <img src="">

How often do you update company logos?
We update the logos regularly based on how often they are requested.

Can we use other company's logo without permission? Is this legal?
It is legal as long as you do not disparage the companies, as long as you do not portray them negatively.

We realized that API credits are being used even if the call draws blank, i.e. we input a domain that returns no logo.
Yes, you are charged for all calls, including those very few, rare calls which do not return a logo. Also, if you give the API a domain that actually has no logo, we have to search the domain, and thus, we do charge for this.

Make the most of any tier of the RiteKit API by consuming multiple solutions

Note that you may use one or more of the API solutions, and your total API calls are added together. The API is not bundled with our consumer SaaS products (RiteTag, RiteForge, RiteBoost, You would need to register for the API with Twitter or Facebook, but need not pay for any of the consumer products to access the API.

We tested 100 domains with the RiteKit API, the 3 other most reliable company logo APIs and also ChatGPT (OpenAI).

Inspect the full data from our test of all the best company logo solutions (and chatGPT) here.

Company Logo Solutions and their Success Rates

Inspect the full data from our test of all the best company logo solutions (and chatGPT) here.

RiteKit gets company logos for nearly all types of logos, SVG, etc., but not animated GIF logos.

Updated on: 19/07/2023

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