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Detect disposable emails with our disposable email API

Updated January 5, 2023

With the RiteKit disposable email detection API, you have the most reliable and comprehensive solution for preventing free riders, bad actors and cybercriminals from signing up with fake or temporary email addresses.

Test the RiteKit disposable email API here

There are thousands of disposable email services available on the internet, their number only grows - and RiteKit has them and gets the new ones that emerge. Sometimes called DEAs, one-off, fake, trash, garbage domain, auto-destruct, use-and-throw email addresses or throwaway email addresses, they are never used by anyone who will become in any way a citizen user or a customer.

Disposable email users do nothing but drain your resources

Disposable email addresses are temporary and can be instantly created, used and discarded. They allow people to access a site or application - but after they verify, the user will never receive any of your important emails. The user who signs up with a disposable email address does so in order to bypass your restrictions. Temporary, disposable addresses are used by low quality users or empty signups and by cybercriminals as well, so it's good practice to disallow registrations from anyone using these kinds of email addresses.

Why do people sign up for apps, sites and newsletters with a disposable or temporary email address?

They are more concerned about their privacy than with getting access to your value proposition.
Some aim to use your app's free trial repeatedly or take advantage of "one-time" offers.
Others want cloaked access to gated content such as e-books, tutorials and pages that you have chosen to provide to those who make a real registration; such people are there to spy on you or copy content.
Spammers need access to you, to sell your SEO and design services, staffing offers, etc., and have zero interest in using your site/app or subscribing to your newsletter.
Criminals intend to engage in fraud with you or in some way involving your company.
Some are simply very low-value sign-ups. Their trust in your site/app is so low that they aim to ensure that you never will be able to reach them with your newsletter, site/app update information or any of the important account or site alerts that you should be able to reach real users with.

You will also ensure that the registration emails you collect are real so that you avoid:

Allowing people to share access to your site/app while they avoid their usage from being traced.
Providing customer service to people who have already decided that they will never be a user in good standing, let alone a customer.
Over-stating registration numbers for either your own growth projections or in reporting to investors.
Needing to use captchas to thwart automated and mass account creation.
Your emailing practices from being monitored. Disposable emails are also used for temporary forwarding to real address to track your emailing frequency/practices.

With any tier of the RiteKit API, you can get several solutions, but pay one price

With the RiteKit API, you can access numerous analytic and functional value-add endpoints, such as text-to-image generation, and get them all in one price tier.

There’s the free tier (100 credits/month), and Tier 0 provides 100,000 credits/month. In any tier, you can both access the Company Logo endpoint (6 credits/call), and also provide value-adds for your customers and users with our other endpoints that:

Make good products stickier: reduce customer churn and keep your customers/visitors longer with value-adds that make your app or SaaS product impossible to do without. Our API includes endpoints for hashtag suggestions, text to image generation and other functions that can be delivered to your customers.
Upsell: auto-hashtagging, auto emoji and banned Instagram hashtags filtering help with selling higher product tiers, when used as differentiating factors.

Get the most out of your RiteKit API tier

Combine the RiteKit Company Logo API with Images endpoints in our Person Insights and Company Insights sections and other sections to generate user profile pages, rich snippets and much more! Use as many Endpoints as you like on one API tier to get the most out of your tier.

Start with Disposable Email Detection and then Freemail Detection to filter out bad emails. then, only call Company Logo and other Company Insights solutions.
Generate static or animated GIF images from text in pages of only your best sales prospects, after filtering through the Freemail Detection endpoint.

Some of the most-combined endpoints:

Company Name to Domain
Company Logo
Company Brand Colors
Freemail Detection
Text to image / gif

Updated on: 19/01/2023

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