In what format do we get RiteKit company Logo API response?
It depends on what format is the original logo on the site. It is either PNG or JPG.

Do you get SVG logos, too?

I tried the API, but it’s very slow. I need to wait 1 to 5 seconds to get a result.
The API is almost instant for the logos that we already have in the database. However, if we do not have the logo yet we have to download the homepage of the website and all the images there to determine which one is the logo. This is why it takes several seconds depending on how slow and big their site is. The analysis on our side is very fast after that. This is why we are able to achieve extraordinary success rate in finding the logo.

Is it possible to to disable CORS for our domain and all subdomains of it?
Sorry, no. The setting is global for everyone.

I am not even trying to do an external API call, all I'm doing is using a basic HTML tag similar to this one: img src=link_to_ritekit_company_logo. The loading of the logo is incredibly slow, you literally can see the image being rendered and is not very user-friendly.
Actually the IMG src implementation is no longer supported (support ended a few years ago). It would be very easy for other people to steal your API token if you used that. You should actually call the proper API endpoint as described in the documentation.

How often do you update company logos?
We update the logos regularly based on how often they are requested.

We realized that the credit is being consumed even if the call draws blank, i.e. we input a domain that returns no logo.
Yes, you are charged for all calls, including those very few, rare calls which do not return a logo. You will find this to be true with APIs in general.

Is there a way to bulk extract logos from a CSV file so we can fill our database without the need to involve and pay our developers?
Yes, we can manually extract the logos for you and provide a zip folder with all the logos at the end. Since this involves manual work on our side, we provide this service only for 200k logos and more. Please contact us to get a quote.

I was researching ClearBit alternatives / competitors. I am curious to know how many logos your logo API currently supports?
I trust you saw our API Demo Dashboard, where you can test our API solutions without login or API token? Pricing is at the bottom of the dashboard.
As for the company logo solution, I cannot give you a number, but it is always growing (and Clearbit is not). Please see
Note that you may use one or more of the API solutions, and your total API calls are added together. The API is not bundled with our consumer SaaS products (RiteTag, RiteForge, RiteBoost, You would need to register for the API with Twitter or Facebook, but need not pay for any of the consumer products to access the API.
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