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Hashtag Engagement Analytics in DuckDuckGo Search

Updated January 5, 2023

Just have the RiteTag extension installed, and type any hashtag right inside DuckDuckGo to get the following analytics, based on Twitter data:

Unique tweets/hour (this is your competition for getting seen based on using the hashtag)
Retweets/hour - one of your wins
Exposure/hour - your other win
The other three analytics give you style cues (how many tweets/hour contain mentions, images, URLs), to give you an idea of how the hashtag tends to be used.

The analytics are updated hourly, factoring the last hour's activity over the last several hours over the last day over the last month. You can also open the full analytics page from a link in the widget, with the embedded Explorer (see the animation below) and engagement recent Tweets with the hashtag as well.

Here's how the hashtag analytics widget looked when I search for #retirement in DuckDuckGo:

Tweak hashtags to get to those with great retweets/impressions vs. uniques

We suggest adjusting (plural/singular, etc.) a hashtag until you get to a hashttag with a high number of retweets and/or impressions/hour versus unique Tweets/hour.

Note that while the numbers would be different in Youtube, Instagram, etc., Twitter's engagement analytics are usually indicative.

Use the RiteTag site search to open hashtag Analytics Page such as this one - for #[infosec]( - and here's how to do the deep research fast and save hashtags you find along the way: click hashtags outside the center to see hashtags associated with them and also, get the analytics for the clicked hashtag.

Watch this animation to see how I started with #inmfosec and found hashtags and saved a Hashtag Set from them:

You can also search "hashtag" and a word, such as this example, in DuckDuckGo:

This can be done in DuckDuckGo, Google, Reddit, Bing and Quora, too.


All about RiteTag's color grading system and how to make smart choices with the hashtags generated by the app and extension

Updated on: 04/01/2023

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