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How to get hashtags for any photo with RiteTag Toolkit Mobile app

Updated March 6, 2023

This tutorial pertains to the Hashtag Toolkit app that is included with (paid) RiteTag subscriptions. You also get the browser extension with RiteTag (for customers only).
If you are logging in to RiteTag or RiteKit with email, please add Twitter account and make it a login account.

Add your main Twitter account in your RiteKit Dashboard and make it a login account.
Logout of RiteKit, log back in with Twitter.
Login to the RiteTag app with Twitter.

How to get hashtags for photos with the RiteTag Hashtag Toolkit mobile app

The steps:

Install the RiteTag app for Android or the RiteTag iOS app.
Open the RiteTag app.
Tap Clear to remove the default text and image.
Tap Pick image and choose the image you plan to post to Instagram.
Optionally add a caption of your photo to improve the hashtag suggestions.
Tap Suggest hashtags.
You'll get your hashtag suggestions, starting with Instagram-only hashtag suggestions. Below you'll see the greens and blues which are good for all social networks: Instagram as well as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.
Tap hashtags to select as many as you want and hit Copy.
In Instagram, start an image upload and in the caption field, paste the hashtags.

Note: the Hashtag Suggestions for Images feature is available to RiteTag customers. 

RiteTag customers also get a second app with an even easier experience: the Hashtag Generator for Instagram

See this tutorial with it's 30-second video to get hashtags for the latest photos uploaded to any Instagram account (personal or business Instagram accounts)

Using a Instagram desktop publishing or desktop to phone notification solution?

The RiteTag browser extension integrates with all of them. Here are the tutorials for those.

Working on your Instagram account and engagement on your desktop?

Getting hashtags to use as a comment on an Instagram post with the RiteTag browser extension

Remember, if you have RiteTag, you also get full use of the site, mobile app and the browser extension.

See Basic Mechanics, in the full RiteTag Extension Tutorial, for instructions on:

Copy and Search features
Opening/closing the Hashtag Bar
Navigate through your last searches
Comparing generated hashtags based on real time engagement analytics

Using the RiteTag browser extension everywhere

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Updated on: 06/03/2023

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