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RiteTag Pro 2.0 browser extension tutorial

Updated March 11, 2023

RiteTag costs US$49 per year and includes the browser extension and mobile app. Instant English language hashtags for social media text posts and for photographs, too. It saves the need to do any hashtag research, and just gives you what you need in 1.8 seconds.

You will need to have the RiteTag extension for Chrome or Firefox installed to use the solutions detailed in the video and the text below. Here's how to use the Chrome extension in your Vivaldi, Torch, Brave, Opera, Dolphin, Yandex, Puffin, and Microsoft Edge browsers. Search our tutorials for using the RiteTag browser extension with your favorite social media management tools, sites and right inside all social and content networks.

The video below shows using the just updated RiteTag Pro extension integrates with Twitter, Facebook, Hootsuite, Buffer and nearly all other social media post creation, scheduling and publishing tools. It works within all social media networks and publishing tools, including FaceBook Creator Studio, for free desktop to Instagram and Facebook publishing and scheduling:

TIP: the hashtags for image solution also works with all web to Instagram direct publishing and scheduling solutions, including Hootsuite, Buffer, Sproutsocial, Tailwind, Sendible - and all the others, too

Instructions follow for:

How to generate hashtags for photos
Generate hashtags for a word, an entire Tweet or, everything you paste in a post or Tweet field (Twitter, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Buffer, Sproutsocial, etc.)
Hashtag Comparison pages, organized hashtags by color grading
Basic mechanics and use of the RiteTag extension
Learn how to use RiteTag for specific purposes and also, how to use the RiteTag browser extension with your favorite social media tools.

TIP: take a minute to learn how to understand and use hashtag color grading.

1. How to Get Hashtag Suggestions for Photographs

This is great for Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Facebook and other highly-visual networks. Works with all web to Instagram direct publishing and scheduling solutions as well as desktop to phone notification Instagram scheduling solutions.

Mouse right-click on any photograph, anywhere, including photos you've uploaded to Tweets, Facebook updates, Linkedin, Pinterest and every type of social post, and static cover images for TikTok/Youtube/other video networks, everywhere! Them select "Generate Hashtags," take them all or select a few, copy, and paste.

Right-click on a static photo anywhere > Generate Hashtags > select, copy, paste!

2. Generate hashtags for a word or an entire social media text post (Twitter, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Buffer, Sproutsocial, etc.)

Just highlight the text, right-click and select Generate Hashtags. Note that if you have an Instagram account selected for scheduling (such as in Buffer or Hootsuite), your button will not become active. This is just for hashtags for text.

3. Hashtag Comparison pages, organized by color-grading

Generate Hashtags, and either Select All, then deselect some or, select those you want, then use the Compare button on right side of the RiteTag browser extension's Hashtag Bar:

Use the bookmark button at the left of the hashtags to send to the Save or Compare footer to save a Hashtag Set.

PRO-TIP: Need to pass comparative hashtag data to a colleague? Those hashtag Compare Pages are viewable by anyone, even non-RiteTaggers. Test it with the Compare Page shown above.

For example, here's the hashtag comparison page for #contentmarketing #contentstrategy #content #digitalstrategy. It was made by typing those four hashtags in the save/compare field at the bottom of the RiteTag site:

Also, you can just type #contentmarketing and a space in any field (search box, Tweet/update field, etc.) in any site, and get alternate hashtags and the Compare option, which gives you this hashtag comparison page.

4. Basic Mechanics and Use of the Extension

Open/close the Hashtag Bar by clicking on the RiteTag browser button

With this little improvement, you might not even want to block RiteTag on some sites. When you do, of course, there's the X, far right in the Hashtag Bar. Use it to open the Hashtag Bar to use the manual search feature, too.

Generate Hashtags for any photograph in your computer with this button
This feature is in the RiteTag mobile application, too, for those with RiteTag Pro.

How to paste hashtags to your post

Manually search by opening the Hashtag Bar with the browser button and using the search field on the left side.

Compare the generated hashtags: the button shown below will open a new browser tab with detailed analytics and options for Hashtag Set saving and further research.

You can also right-click images in any web page for the Generate Hashtags solution.

5. Using an Instagram desktop scheduling/publishing solution, such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Sproutsocial, etc.?

RiteTag hashtags for images integrates with it!

Here is the RiteKit Knowledge base section for RiteTag, with pages the show how to use the RiteTag browser extension in all your favorite social media tools.

Remember, if you have RiteTag (paid), you get the browser extension and also get full use of the mobile app included (both offer Android and iOS versions).

Here's the RiteTag Toolkit mobile app tutorial.

Shopping around? Compare RiteTag with the best competitors we've found, after studying over 20 hashtag tools

Hashtag Generator Comparison Table

Not sure which RiteKit products you need? See our quick overview of the solutions that each product provides:

Updated on: 11/03/2023

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