Updated June 4, 2021
What’s the difference between RiteForge's and RiteBoost's Hashtag Suggestions and Auto-Hashtagging?

Using the RiteTag browser extension, Hashtag Generation gets hashtags that you should consider using with the text you right-clicked in (social post, usually, and up to 1,000 characters, or about 15 words), or, the photo you right-clicked on to generate hashtags for Instagram and Twitter, but can be used in other social and content networks.

Auto-Hashtagging, a core feature of your Enhance Presets in RiteForge and RiteBoost hashtags words in your Tweet/post by studying your entire Tweet/post in it’s current state and semantically deducing what topic(s) the Tweet is probably about, then finding hashtags for these topics, and finally, before they’re provided, they get filtered down to those with actual current and long-term engagement.
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