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How to order RiteTag Instagram Account Coach Reports

Updated April 21, 2023

You can get an instant price quote on an interactive Instagram Account Coach Report on any of your Instagram Business Profiles. Reports are not included with RiteTag Pro or any other subscription product. They cannot be offered on a monthly or yearly subscription because we pay for data to use in the reports based on the volume of posts for the length of time that you designate.

Instagram Account Coach Reports from RiteTag provide deep analytics of your account and will help you learn what works specifically for your audience:

How many hashtags to use to maximize discoverability without decreasing engagement?
Should you put hashtags in comments or in the caption?
What objects in the photos make the posts more popular?
What colors in photos increase engagement?
What should you put in captions?
... and many more widgets with actionable advice

Here's how to order Instagram Account Coach Reports:

1) Login to (if you are not logged in already)

2) Click the Instagram Account Coach Reports tab, on the left and then click Create new report.

3) Connect Instagram Business Profile with Facebook and then select which of your Instagram accounts you want a report for.

4) Approve the order or reduce the date-range to reduce your cost.

Here is a sample Instagram Coach Report.

Here are a few charts that the reports contain. There are many more.

Updated on: 21/04/2023

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