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How to use and customize the RiteForge Android mobile app

Updated January 5, 2023

Take 3 minutes with the video below to learn how to Enhance and share from your mobile Share menu. I cover:

How RiteForge-Enhanced posts appear to your social audience
The dynamics of your Enhanced posts, including hashtags and/or emoji that are automatically added, author-attribution, and several other options. You'll see that you can get event or brand hashtags added at the end, replace words with hashtags, emoji, etc., and place an advertisement on URLs in your social posts - to ensure you get measurable social ROI.
How to customize what Enhance does.

Sharing to RiteForge from other apps

Whether it's Pocket, Feedly or any other article you would like to share, tap Share button to open the native Share dialog. The first time, you may need to scroll further to find Enhance with RiteForge option. It will automatically open RiteForge Composer with the URL of the article as the text of the post.

Enhancing a post

RiteForge can create good looking post in one tap on the Enhance magic wand. It will automatically add hashtags, emoji, author attribution and more. See the section below on how to customize the automatic enhancements with Enhance presets.

Scheduling a post

You can select to which Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest accounts is the posts supposed to be sent to by tapping plus button at the top right corner.

When your post is ready, tap the floating paper plane button at the right bottom of the screen to show scheduling options. 

Send now - sends your posts to selected accounts right away
Add to queue - adds the posts at the end of queue for each selected social media account
Schedule & repeat - allows you to select specific time or times when the post should go out

Customizing Enhance presets

Tap the settings button to get to the list of Enhance presets.

Tap on existing preset or add a new one by tapping on the plus button at the top of the screen.

Adjust the settings as you wish and tap Save at the top right corner.

Managing existing posts

When you open the RiteForge app, the first screen you'll see is the list of your queued posts. Tap on any of the posts to edit or reschedule.


For link shortening, set that up in RiteKit Enhance Settings tab, where you can set as your shortener and get calls-to-action going on on URLs in your social posts. Link Ads can be video, image or text Link Ads with full branding, for just $15/month. even has a basic free version, with your login social profile for the Link Ad button target (where people go if they click the call to action button in your Link Ad).

Note that no third-party apps are able to publish to Facebook Profiles or Groups anymore; Facebook took this back.

Updated on: 04/01/2023

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