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Should I do hashtag research or rely on the RiteTag browser extension and Toolkit app?

Updated January 5, 2023

Every day blog posts are published that suggest that we invest time in hashtag research.

They suggest that we open a website and begin searching by topic after topic, finding the most exquisite hashtags for each social post, unique in the combination of topics it contains. If you try doing what's suggested, you're looking at 6 to 8 minutes, including the manual copy-pasting of each hashtag you unearth.

With the RiteTag browser extension, you're looking at just a few seconds to right-click on highlighted text or a photo, select all, deselect a few, copy and paste. You can also use the RiteTag Toolkit mobile app that is also included with a RiteTag subscription, get hashtags for any photo or text post, including IG captions. Our customers look at the time-savings, and find it worthwhile to pay US$0.13/day ($49/year) to save 6 to 8 minutes per social post. See this tutorial for the Toolkit mobile app (both Android and iOS).

Note that if you wish to do hashtag research, this can be done with the RiteTag site for free.

What's more, even for free, there's this advantage over Hashtagify or other hashtag research sites: in RiteTag, you can hit the bookmark icon next to hashtags, send to the hashtag bar at the bottom of the RiteTag site, and have options for comparing on three data points, saving for future use as a Hashtag Set, or simply copying all for use anywhere.

What's more, great hashtags do not guarantee engagement on any single social post. What you will find is that whether you do exhaustive hashtag research or simply use the RiteTag solution, on a body of 50 posts, you will get more engagement in contrast with doing nothing with hashtags.

Hashtag generation is also available by API

These solutions are for developers who want to use RiteTag's proprietary hashtag generation solutions in their apps and websites
Hashtag Generator for text API
Hashtag Generator for image

Test any of our many API solutions even before you get your API developer key, right inside the API Demo Dashboard.

Updated on: 04/01/2023

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