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Why can't I schedule any more posts?

Updated January 5, 2023

If you are using RiteForge not only for Enhance and social post creation, but as your publisher for RiteForge or RiteBoost or both, please note:

Each tier has a posts in queues¹ limit, so you probably need to upgrade. If you check your queues in the [RiteForge Dashboard] ( and find that you are well under your posts in queues limit, and still cannot Add to queue or custom time schedule, please write us for help. 

Posts in queues = number of posts across all queues at any time. You can add more as they go out. If you use RiteForge with RiteBoost or schedule many posts with the Repeat feature, you will probably need to go up a tier.

Tier 1: 300 posts queued ($15/month or $150/year)

Tier 2: 2,000 posts queued ($29/month or $288/year)

Tier 3: 50,000 posts queued ($99/month or $984/year)

ALSO: Instagram only allows third-party app customers to schedule up to 25 posts/day. You may thus need to reduce some posts if you have more than this number scheduled.

Compare all RiteForge Tiers

Comparing RiteForge with Buffer

Buffer Pro is $15/month, as is RiteForge, but Buffer Pro gives you 100 posts in each queue ("account"), and limits you to 8 social accounts, while RiteForge let's you spread your 300 posts in social account queues over unlimited social profiles. Only RiteForge lets you connect unlimited social profiles, which Buffer does not, and let's you spread your posts queued limit over all your queues. Buffer Pro only allows you to keep 100 posts queued.

When you consider that it makes sense to publish more frequently to some social profiles rather than, say, LinkedIn or Facebook, the ability to spread your posts-in-queues limit as you wish lets you do more with any tier of RiteForge vs. Buffer.

As you add the social profiles of just one or two clients, you hit the 8 social profiles limit with Buffer Pro and so, you need their Small Business Plan. You now jump from $15 to $65/month for 2,000 scheduled posts in queues. With RiteForge, 2,000 scheduled posts in queues is just $29/month, not to mention all the social crafting tools built into the RiteForge Composer, included our original animated or non-animated text images (Image/Gif Templates). With Buffer Pablo, nothing is templated; each use of Pablo is in a new browser tab and forgotten when you close the tab.

With Buffer Publish, if you're doing Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Pinterest for your agency and just two clients, the jump from $15 to $65 is steep and further tiers, even steeper: $99, $199 and then $399/month. With RiteForge, the tiers are $15, $29, $99 and $149. Unless you're an agency, managing social for your company and several clients, you'll get by with our $29/month tier.

A huge plus, beyond the far more gradual price jumps in RiteForge tiers is how with RiteForge, your queued posts limit is for all posts combined, spread over all your social profile queues. Thus, while you may have some clients on your lite or "bronze" plan, and you might just create and schedule 1 to 3 posts/day for just Twitter and Facebook, your enterprise or "platinum" clients may get 10 posts/day and to more social profiles. With Buffer, it's a flat 2,000 posts/queue limit and just a matter of how many social profiles; with RiteForge, there's no limit on social profiles, just the posts queued. Thus, if you have several small clients, you would get by with RiteForge at $29 or $99/month.

Updated on: 04/01/2023

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