Updated June 4, 2021
API subscriptions are recurring, billed on the anniversary of your first payment. Please chat to us on the site or write us if you wish to downgrade your tier or cancel your recurring payment.

I see we're close to our API tier limit. When should we upgrade?
We strongly suggest that upgrade to at least the next tier if you hit 50% credits used by the third week or, 80% when near the end of the month. This way, when you have just a slightly busier month, the API will not stop responding.

Why do you give a limit per month? Many companies give a daily limit.
Monthly is better for you. If you see your Google Analytics/etc. you will see that traffic is probably far lower on weekends and major holidays. By charging monthly, you get to use your leftover credits from slow days and spend them at peak times of the month.

One account, one token per customer/organization
There is a limit of one account, one token per API consumer or customer/company/organization. If you attempt to use more than one, we revoke your token. Want to test something on live/dev servers? Still: one account, please. If you made multiple accounts, just chat to us and let us know which to kill.

Canceling a paid tier or, to consume for just one month/just a couple months
Chat to us, let us know we should end the recurring payment and downgrade you to free or a lower tier. See our pricing at the bottom of the Demo Dashboard or your Developer Console for credits/tier and let us know which tier to downgrade you to. You can upgrade through Demo Dashboard or Console at any time.

Question about using the client_id in my API call. I know I'm meant to use python with your API, but in my case I have to use PHP. In the URL I'm querying I'm just not sure where (if anywhere) or how I should append my client_id?
Use your Client ID as a GET query parameter client_id=YOURCLIENTID in all your calls

I am trying to run one of your APIs at 120 per minute, although I am getting a 429 error.
Your calls are most likely being limited because of user agents string that is the same as what bots do when they try to misuse our API. Can you change it to something else?

We don't understand for what is client_secret or secret credentials
The oAuth authentication is being phased out. That's why client_secret is still showing up in the RiteKit API console (it is meant for our old users) but there is no longer documentation for it. See the very top of our docs. Nearly all RiteKit API consumers have ended up using just the client_id as it is much simpler to implement.

Is it possible to disable CORS for our domain and all subdomains of it?
Sorry, no. The RiteKit API itself does not support CORS. However, it does return both temporary logo URL as well as permanent URL that can be used in IMG src attribute regardless of the domain. In case of using permanent image URL, each image view costs 1 API credit.

We see that we have 2 days left on the free trial. Isn't there a free tier?
The API has no free "trial," what you are using is the free tier. It has a limit of 100 credits/month so, if you need more, you would need to upgrade to Tier0: 100,000 credits/month for $99/month. We greatly increased rate limits while reducing the prices substantially. For example, after the free 1,000 credits/month tier, the first tier was 40,000 credits/month for US$150. Now we give 100,000 credits/month for just $99.
You can see our pricing at the bottom of your API console .

I am not even trying to do an external API call, all I'm doing is using a basic HTML tag similar to this one: img src=link_to_ritekit_company_logo. The loading of the logo is incredibly slow, you literally can see the image being rendered and is not very user-friendly.
Actually the IMG src implementation is no longer supported (support ended a few years ago). It would be very easy for other people to steal your API token if you used that. You should actually call the proper API endpoint as described in the documentation.

Your browser extension does not work properly within our application.
Most likely, when your modal for new post opens it disables all the interactions with inputs outside of the modal. The RiteTag widget is injected right into the <body> and therefore is disabled as well.

Where do I include the token in my curl command in python?
Here's the request: !curl --location --request GET 'https://api.ritekit.com/v2/company-insights/logo?domain=google.com'
It goes at the end. In your case that would be https://api.ritekit.com/v2/company-insights/logo?domain=google.com&cliend_id=YOURCLIENTID
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