Updated July 1, 2022
You can use Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel for creating the proper CSV for RiteBoost Bulk Creator.

Step 1: Structure your data in following columns

Column A: Text of the post
Column B: Link URL (optional)
Column C: Comma separated image URLs (optional)

Thus, if you are doing posts with no links, then you would be using just columns A and C, with B being blank. Or vice-versa, just use columns A and B if doing posts with no images.

There should be no header row.

Step 2: Download the CSV file

Step 3: Import the CSV files to RiteBoost Bulk Creator

Start a Formula with +New Formula in RiteBoost Bulk Creator (click "Enhance" at the top of our site, then open Bulk Creator, lower-left).

Ignore the "Sheets" reference; this works with CSV files as well:

You can select CSV files by name not only from folders

Common Errors

If you are receiving a processing error or unexpected results, run through the following list of common errors

Escaped punctuation: you should not escape punctuation in the update text (often, spreadsheet editors will escape characters for you automatically). The best place to edit your CSV file before uploading is a simple text editor, like Notepad. If you see unexpected slashes and other punctuation marks, then this is probably the problem.
Missing comma after the update text: this comma is required regardless of whether you are including the optional URL. You can cross-check this by opening the Sheet in a text editor.
Commas in the URL: although this is very rare, you should make sure that no commas appear in the URL.
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