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How to add a CSV source of bulk Tweets and Facebook updates in RiteBoost Bulk Creator

Updated January 5, 2023

You can use Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel for creating the proper CSV for RiteBoost Bulk Creator.

Step 1: Structure your data in following columns

Column A: Text of the post
Column B: Link URL (optional)
Column C: Comma separated image URLs (optional)

Thus, if you are doing posts with no links, then you would be using just columns A and C, with B being blank. Or vice-versa, just use columns A and B if doing posts with no images.

There should be no header row.

Step 2: Download the CSV file

Step 3: Import the CSV files to RiteBoost Bulk Creator

Start a Formula with +New Formula in RiteBoost Bulk Creator (click "Enhance" at the top of our site, then open Bulk Creator, lower-left).

Ignore the "Sheets" reference; this works with CSV files as well:

You can select CSV files by name not only from folders

Common Errors

If you are receiving a processing error or unexpected results, run through the following list of common errors

Escaped punctuation: you should not escape punctuation in the update text (often, spreadsheet editors will escape characters for you automatically). The best place to edit your CSV file before uploading is a simple text editor, like Notepad. If you see unexpected slashes and other punctuation marks, then this is probably the problem.
Missing comma after the update text: this comma is required regardless of whether you are including the optional URL. You can cross-check this by opening the Sheet in a text editor.
Commas in the URL: although this is very rare, you should make sure that no commas appear in the URL.

Updated on: 04/01/2023

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