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RiteBoost with Zapier

Updated February 13, 2023

Use RiteBoost Enhance in Zapier to automate auto-hashtagging, image creation, adding CTAs to links and much, much more. In addition to the many integrations in Bulk Creator, you can use Zapier free to Enhance what you import from or send to Hubspot, Meetedgar, ProductHunt, Salesforce, Instagram, Constantcontact, Tumblr, Pushbullet, Sumo, Sendgrid, Zoho, Marketo, CoSchedule and many other services.

You'll need to have an active RiteBoost account. Then:

Use this invitation link to enable RiteBoost in your Zapier (needs to be done only once)

Make a new Zap.

Choose a source (trigger) that has the content that you want to Enhance (eg. RSS feed of your blog).

Choose RiteBoost as the Action App.

Select Enhance as the RiteBoost Action (there is only one action available)

Connect your RiteBoost account by copy-pasting your Client ID and Client Secret from RiteBoost Dashboard to Zapier. This has to be done only once. You can skip this step in the future zaps.

Choose your RiteBoost preset that you want to use for Enhance and select which content should be used as a text for Enhancing (eg. title of your RSS feed item, URL etc.)

Add another step (eg. create a new post in Facebook) and use Enhance output as the input for this step. Available fields:

Post = Text of the Enhanced post
Extracted Image = Image extracted from a link in the original text (if this option is turned on in selected Enhance preset)
Created Image = Image created from a template according to selected Enhance preset

Show us your Zap using RiteBoost and we'll share it like mad!
Just send screenshots of the elements (with all the details, if possible, steps opened to show what you have in them) of your Zap, also with a link to or screenshot of the output.

Here's just an example of something I did, and note that in your GIF Templates, you'll replace our logo with your own logos, and animations and gradients are options with these:

Updated on: 13/02/2023

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