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How to use Feedly for content discovery, then import and automate a social presence with RiteBoost

Updated February 13, 2023

The RiteBoost Bulk Creator dashboard allows you to import content from Feedly, Enhance it automatically with hashtags, images and emojis and share it to your social media accounts. It's like IFTTT made specifically for social media marketers.

Quick Setup of everything (besides Feedly):

With Feedly, you can use this very powerful RSS reader to any/all of these actions:

Discover content, skim it and add to a Feedly Board, to be imported into RiteBoost for Enhancement and social media publishing (with RiteForge, Buffer or Sendible)
Discover multitudes of blogs, organize them in Feedly Feeds and import the latest posts - up to 100 at a time - in RiteBoost Bulk Creator
Find mentions of your brand, product names, peoples' names, etc. as an Alert Feed and import this into RiteBoost Bulk Creator

UPDATE: Due to a lack of Feedly maintaining their API, you may need to remove and re-authorize Feedly for each use of an OFF (semi-automatic) RiteBoost Formula. Do this in Integrations

Note that for links shortened with, Facebook and LinkedIn will not accept them. This is beyond our control; FB and LinkedIn are now blocking all short links created of full URLs. So, if using RiteForge, RiteBoost for scheduling posts, we suggest that you do not shorten links for posts you schedule to LinkedIn or Facebook. If just using, even with custom subdomain, please use them in Tweets, emails, IG comments - and everywhere else - just not in FB or LinkedIn.

This is how posts can look like before and after Enhance:

Example of available Enhance options:

**Posts like this** are created, perfect for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and can be modified with different image proportions in **Image/GIF Templates** for Pinterest. Try the URL in that Tweet. Wait ten seconds and you'll see that we actually advertise with a video ad - on a RiteTag competitor's blog. 

A. Enhancing & sharing articles curated in Feedly Boards

When you discover an article in Feedly that you would like to enhance & share via RiteBoost, simply save it to a Feedly Board and connect this Board to RiteBoost Bulk Creator. Next time you save an article to this Board, it will be automatically enhanced and scheduled according to your settings.

Start a New Formula

Create a Board in Feedly and as you discover posts from Feedly search, save them to the Board.

In RiteBoost Bulk Creator, click the +New Formula button, select Feedly, pull down to Boards, Select Board, and hit Load from Feedly at the bottom.

Experiment with the enhance settings and test the results in Manual (Off) mode. When satisfied with the results, turn on Run automatically

B. Enhancing & sharing collections of Feeds

If you need a large volume of content to share and are sure that no curation is needed, you can load whole collection of Feeds into RiteBoost Bulk Creator.

Find RSS from Feedly search or by pasting URLs or blog names in Feedly search, and add to a Feed.

Start a New Formula

In RiteBoost Bulk Creator, after you hit the +New Formula button, choose Feedly, pull down to Feeds, Select Feed, and hit Load from Feedly at the bottom.

C. Enhancing & sharing articles from Alerts

To get and share posts of what fans are saying about your product/service/company, create a Feedly Alert Feed. As with the example above, you will import it into RiteBoost as a Feed.

We have several Feedly Alerts saved in one Feed:

Need more help? Watch this video tutorial:

For link shortening, set that in RiteKit Enhance Settings tab, where you can use as your shortener and get calls-to-action going on on URLs in your social media posts. is the Startafire and alternative that offers unlimited Link Ads, and rather than text only, they can be video, image or text Link Ads with full branding, for just $15/month. has a basic free version, with your login social profile for the Link Ad target.

Updated on: 13/02/2023

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