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How to use the RiteBoost browser extension in Hootsuite

Updated January 5, 2023

Get  the RiteBoost browser extension to Enhance your text+URL post in the Hootsuite Publisher, and to do everything shown in the video below. 

In this video, I show RiteBoost automatically doing all the visual and attribution enhancements that are needed for social to stand out and get action:

For Enhance (the wand) right below the Hootsuite main publishing field you'll need the RiteBoost browser extension and the RiteBoost Hootsuite app:

Login and get the RiteBoost browser extension from the bottom-left of RiteBoost.
Get the free RiteBoost Hootsuite app from the puzzle piece (app directory) on the left side of your Hootsuite dashboard.

Refresh the browser tab with Hootsuite in it, and try Enhancing: in the main publishing field, paste/type your post with URL and hit the Enhance wand.

NOTE: Enhance is not available from the three dots under any post in a Hootsuite column.

How to access RiteBoost features in Hootsuite

Under the main update box: the wand does what you set your default Enhance Preset to do in RiteKit. Or, you can compose your post in the Hootsuite main publishing field and right-click in the post field for your Enhance options.

The gear beside the wand options options to select a different Enhance Preset or choose a different Link Ad, create a GIF from text and much, much more.

TIP: Whether you're using the Extract images from links option or the Create image/GIF from template option, your image will appear at the bottom of your browser, ready to be dragged in to the Hootsuite publishing field:

What you can do with Enhance

Enhance is your solution for two relevant and reaching hashtags, and when possible, an image, too.
Create a quoted text image as an Enhance option from the gear beside the magic wand to create and add an image from your Image/GIF Templates.
Add your self-branded Link Ad to pages (URLs) Enhanced automatically by setting that up here.
Add Twitter author attribution.
More on Enhance is here.

Using with RiteBoost in Hootsuite

The RiteBoost browser extension provides a one-button social fix: two relevant and reaching hashtags, and when possible, an image, too. That's Enhance. I also show the power of using RiteBoost with (either Free or Pro), to embed your self-branded Link Ad or "call-to-action" (CTA) as video, image or text on pages you share.

You can also use with Enhance and get your Link Ad baked into the URLs of pages you share. is the URL shortener with lots of analytic and a highly customizable appearance. Video Link Ads, text and image popups, sound effects and the ability to place the Link Ad in any of four locations on the pages you share in posts to social profiles.

BONUS: your RiteBoost browser extension is not just for Hootsuite.

Enjoy RiteBoost in the websites and browser extensions of  Sproutsocial, Buffer, Hubspot, Sendible, Facebook, Tweetdeck, Twitter, and in all sites that offer social media publishing via the browser extension. In most sites, you wont see the wand. Just get your post ready, then right-click and select Enhance with RiteBoost from the mouse options.

Here's what I get when I right click in a post in Tweetdeck, to select my Enhance preset, "RiteKit Bubbles GIF":

What this Enhance prepares for me:

What the Tweet looks like in Twitter:

PRO-TIP:  Modify your default Enhance Preset with "Extract image from link," but also create Enhance presets for clients, with their brand logo and color/font scheme GIF and also, at least one Enhance Preset with GIF template for your own brand.

Need a hashtag generation tool in Hootsuite - to instantly generate hashtags for any photo (Instagram and Twitter hashtags)?

You would need RiteTag for that. See it in action:

Updated on: 04/01/2023

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