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How to use the RiteBoost Mobile App

Updated January 5, 2023

The video below shows how to Enhance two ways: either as your mobile Share option or, on a social post that you're ready to share, already in Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. - any social or content network. This is available for Android only. 

Just as you have in your RiteBoost browser extension Enhance settings, with one tap of the magic wand or by typing /enhance (or your /keywords - see below) , you can get any or all of these operations done instantly:

Sharing a page to RiteBoost (from the share option)

1) From any web page, select Enhance with RiteBoost from your share options.

2) Tap the magic wand, and a post is generated with your default Enhance Preset rules.

3) Then select Share, then Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or any other social or content network.

Enhancing within social networks

1) Share a page to any social or content network.

2) Type /enhance at the end of the post and the post gets Enhanced with your default Enhance Preset rules.

You'll see the post Enhanced...

3)Type /Undo to undo the effects, if needed.

Enhance Settings

To modify your Enhance settings, open the RiteBoost app, tap Enhance, and you can change your default Enhance keyword from /enhance to any word you like. Note that your default Enhance will be the one that the magic wand uses.

Toggle any options on/off, set your default Link Ad, set the position (auto/end) for your auto-hashtags...

Want hashtags at the end, for Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, etc.?

Change your default Link ad with the down arrow beside the name of your current Link Ad for URL shortening with your chosen advertisement going out on pages you share in social posts:

Creating additional Enhance Presets

Use the + from the RiteBoost app homescreen to create additional /keyword Enhance Presets, such as for images, for clients (using their branded GIF/image Templates, (just as you can highlight text and generate branded GIFs for social posts on the web), and with their Link Ads on shortened URLs, etc.).

Updated on: 04/01/2023

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