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How to get anyone's LinkedIn / SlideShare username

Updated January 5, 2023

In RiteBoost Bulk Creator, to import slide decks from a SlideShare account, you will need a username.
Note that you can also importslide decks from all of SLideShare public deck, with
+New Formula > SlideShare > By Keyword

Finding the username element of SlideShare URLs

1. From your own SlideShare account or anyone else's, it is this element:

Get SlideShare profile name from a SlideShare profile

2. From a specific slidedeck, get the username from this section in a SlideShare URL:

Get SlideShare username from a slide deck

Here's what I did, with a filter of one word: 'startup':

RiteBoost Bulk Creator SlideShare Formula creation

Here's what I got in the SlideShare Bulk Creator Formula, before applying Enhance:

How posts are imported from SlideShare

Updated on: 04/01/2023

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