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How to import an RSS into the RiteBoost Bulk Creator dashboard

Updated February 13, 2023

Here's how to add create an RSS Formula to load posts from any blog in the RiteBoost Bulk Creator.

+New Formula, Select RSS Source, paste the .rss of a blog from which you want to share articles

Then, refresh, select all or any, and hit Enhance. Polish as needed by clicking in the Tweet fields, and remember to Save.

Then, Add to Queue. Add social profiles here. Your auto-scheduling is based on times and timezone you set up in Scheduling. Use RiteForge for your publisher or connect Buffer or Sendible in Integrations.

Enhance will add up to two hashtags to the end of a Tweet/Facebook post or, if possible, hashtag operative words that in your Tweet that are also reaching hashtags with good current engagement. Enhance will also attempt to find a good image from the article page and add it as a separate tiny pic.twitter URL, so when it goes out to Twitter, facebook and/or Google+, the image expansion will get plenty of attention.

Pro tip: If the blog name is not how you'll remember the blog or, if you want to include the name of client that you're managing social for (and need that Source for), click in the Formula name and edit the Source name.

Updated on: 13/02/2023

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