Updated June 4, 2021
In Bulk Creator, you can create a Formula that will get the latest posts (about 20) from any public Pinterest account. You can select and archive Pins you won't share, select all and Enhance, and then share to Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

How to load any public Pinterest account into RiteBoost's Bulk Creator automation dashboard

Visit Pinterest, find the URL of the Pinterest account you want. If it's your own, when logged in, click your avatar. If you manage several accounts, you can use the pull-down to switch and get the URL of your other Pinterest accounts:

Change the /boards/ ending of the URL to /feed.rss and copy the RSS URL.
Example: https://www.pinterest.jp/osakasaul/boards/ > https://www.pinterest.jp/osakasaul/feed.rss

In Bulk Creator, + New Formula (top left) > RSS

Paste the Pinterest RSS and save the Formula at the bottom of the Formula creation modal (popup).

Change the Formula name to something that makes sense, like "My Latest Pins," save the Formula below the Add to queue settings, click to another Formula on the left, and then back on your Pinterest Formula. You will see the name has been updated.

Disable Link Ads unless you are using them for remarketing / retargetting, since Pinterest blocks Link Ads from displaying.

You can now use your Pinterest Formula like any other!
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