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Mastering the RiteBoost browser extension

Updated January 5, 2023

Mastering the RiteBoost browser extension

A subscription to any tier of RiteBoost includes the new browser extension that adds Enhance to all publishing sites. Get the RiteBoost extension and you'l either see the magic wand below publishing fields in sites or, right-click in a post you've written/pasted for your Enhance options.

Here's the RiteKit total suite (all 4 products) quick setup video, including the RiteBoost browser extension

Using the RiteBoost Bulk Creator for semi and fully automatic post generation and scheduling

The RiteBoost Bulk Creator lets you do apply Enhance not just to one, but to many posts at once. You then can schedule over time, using your RiteForge or Buffer accounts for scheduling and publishing (you can connect Buffer in Integrations).

Other social media automation products offer the ability to import an RSS and perhaps a Youtube channel from which to create plain-vanilla social posts: text+URL. RiteBoost's Bulk Creator allows you to generate many posts at once and multi-schedule to multiple social media accounts, pulling from any of 14 types of content sources.

RiteBoost can also embed any of your Link Ads on pages your share in posts, so one of your Link Ads is seen by those who click on your URLs.

Click +New Formula at the top left to start automating

+New Formula lets you...

1. Get the Tweets of any public Twitter account (that's nearly all of them.) Do this with Add Source > Twitter > From User.

       Ideas on using this type of Source:

Need to support a company/brand/startup/project that has a Twitter account? Add it as a source and schedule Enhanced retweets.
Clients, people you mentor, or those on which you want to get on their radar? Enhance and schedule a few retweets over time.
Other Twitter accounts you manage.

2. From Buffer: get the queued posts of your Buffer account, by social profile added to Buffer

Tip: if you like Buffer for scheduling, connect Buffer so you will be able to add Buffer social profiles in RiteBoost - do that here. All social profiles except Pinterest and Instagram can be Buffered from in RiteBoost Bulk creator. 

3. From RSS: load the .rss of any blog. In many cases, just the homepage of the blog will be enough; you usually wont even need to find the site's actual .rss!


Try sharing a Tweet with your Link Ad set up and see if the page allows Link Ads. Your best blogs to share will be those like TechCrunch* that both allow Link Ads and also let Enhance to get the blog post author to add for attribution - a great way to engage with journalists!
Medium blogs: the correct format to add is

4. From CSV or Google Sheet file of bulk posts. Here's the Help page for CSV file formatting.

5. From Evernote: all notes or from a specific Evernote Notebook

6. From Pocket: everything saved or from a specific tag

7. From Feedly - see the tutorial just for that.

In total, there are fourteen source possibilities, each with ways to constrain what content you get. From the examples above, and based on the sites and software you use, you will find importing content from the many other sources, such as Reddit, Onenote, etc. to offer ways to create highly effective social posts from the content you save and what is right for your social audience and marketing needs.

It's just seconds to load the newest articles or saved pages from a Source, select all 100 or any ones you want, Enhance en masse, and Add to Queue with scheduling preferences you've already set up.

Here's the how-to video to get you started

This will have you scheduling a week's worth of top-quality, image, Auto-Emojified and Auto-hashtagged posts in just minutes.

Here's the RiteKit total suite (all four software products) quick setup video

Pro Tip: next to Enhance, use the pull-down arrow to modify your default Enhance. As in the video above, I turn off hashtags but leave my Link Ad on, as well as images. I Enhance everything I want for Pinterest and LinkedIn (with no hashtags), schedule to those profiles. Then, turn hashtags on in the Enhance pull-down, Enhance the same posts with hashtags, schedule for Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.

Updated on: 04/01/2023

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