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Updated May 11, 2024

We've collected some of the best quotes on RiteKit products from some of the most prominent blogs and news sites on which our products have been mentioned. Most TV programs that have included segments on using RiteKit products are not included; we often never hear of them due to lack of a text mention of our company or products.

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The ‘NeverAgain’ hashtag quickly gained momentum on Twitter. Daily number of tweets since the shooting: over 30,000 Tweets and over 100,000 Retweets. Source: RiteKit
A.C.Flores & Nicole Hong / Wall Street Journal

RiteTag is a specialty website dedicated to helping users choose the right hashtags for their social media posts. Certain hashtags are simply better than others when it comes to attracting attention and retweets. RiteTag will offer you your best choice hashtags for each Tweet you compose.

Te-Erika Patterson / Forbes     

Groups looking for that common ground have a host of new online sentiment measuring tools available (The researchers examine and RiteTag, for instance).
Ben Paynter / Fast Company

We’ve enjoyed learning from one of our favorite browser extensions, RiteTag, which adds hashtag insight to the messages you’re composing. 
Kevan Lee / Time Magazine    

Trump attributed his victory to social media when he said, "I won the 2016 election with interviews, speeches, and social media." According to RiteTag, the estimated hourly statistics for #maga on Twitter alone include: 1304 unique tweets, 5,820,000 hashtag exposure, and 3424 retweets with 14% of #maga tweets including images, 55% including links, and 51% including mentions.


If you’re unsure of what hashtag to use, consider using, an intuitive web tool that helps users find and optimize popular hashtags.
Justin Sablich / The News Guild of New York

RiteTag: Based on real-time hashtag engagement, you can quickly find the perfect words to include with your social media posts.
Jill A. Chafin / MSN Money

Simply put, it analyzes the hashtags you’re about to use. It scores them and suggests alternatives and additions to help your tweet reach a wider audience.
Stewart Rogers / VentureBeat        

RiteTag: In addition to showing important hashtag data, this tool helps you find the best possible hashtags for your text and images. With the handy Chrome extension, you can highlight text or right-click an image (as shown below) and instantly get hashtag suggestions for it.
Lindsay Bartels / Social Media Examiner     

RiteTag combines hashtag discovery and analysis for Twitter and Google+ and integrates with Sprout Social and Hootsuite. A cool feature of Ritetag is the ability to analyze your past tweets to see how you could have optimized hashtag use for greater reach. 
Olga Andrienko / Search Engine Journal   

Rite Tag ( This helps you reach beyond your followers with the right social optimization tags.
Lisa Buyer with Guy Kawasaki / Hubspot

Use the RiteTag plugin in Hootsuite for hashtags for your media and also for the text of social posts
Pranav Gaikwad / Hootsuite
The All-In-One Social Media Strategy Workbook: The Tools, Networks and Tactics You Need to Succeed (Hootsuite's ebook)

Successful social media marketing depends, in part, upon knowing the best hashtags to use in posts for maximum exposure. The RiteTag extension takes out some of the guesswork for you. After installing the extension and establishing an account, you can select images or text on web pages and right-click to access RiteTag. The extension will then suggest relevant hashtags to use. From there, you can click hashtags to get stats about how frequently they’ve been used in the past 24 hours.
James A. Martin / Computerworld
The best Google Chrome extensions for business pros

Over the past week, social media platforms have been brimming with hashtags such as #freepalestine and the opposing #standwithisrael. According to data from RiteTag, the latter had garnered 42 unique tweets per hour, 34.8 thousand hashtag exposures per hour, and 141 retweets per hour, while #freepalestine racked up 4,571 unique tweets per hour, 12.3 million hashtag exposures per hour, and 6,679 retweets per hour over the last 24 hours, which points to the substantial pace of these trends.
Ragheb Malli / NewArab

RiteTag is an amazing tool for a handful of reasons. The first is that it provides a list of trending hashtags on its site that you can use to take advantage of real-time marketing. Another amazing reason to use RiteTag is that you can download a browser extension that integrates with popular social media tools - like Sprout Social - and shows you great hashtags to use as you’re creating and scheduling social posts.
Dominique Jackson / SproutSocial

The RiteTag suggestion tool makes it easy to find hashtags, even if you aren’t sure where to start. Input the caption and image for your Instagram post, and the tool automatically generates a list of key phrases to add. It also highlights overused and banned hashtags so you can avoid adding key phrases that could decrease visibility.
Anna Sonnenberg / AgoraPulse

With Ritetag, Twitter users can automatically see the likelihood of their message being seen. The software even estimates expected engagement metrics. The software even estimates expected engagement metrics. 
Jillian Richardson / Contently

RiteTag: Know your #hashtags mean something to the Twitterverse based on color-coating. 
Marie Burns / Recruiting Tools   

RiteTag is a hashtag tool that allows you to view statistics on hashtags to find the best ones for each post. The scoring of hashtags helps you determine when a tag has become overused so you can choose another that will work better for your brand. 
Kerry Butters / Social Media Examiner      

Ritetag helps writers create interesting content for modern readers. The website displays the most read topics around the word or in a particular region. It is best to direct your content in that direction and easily increase the number of visitors.
Jessica Millis / Blogging Tips

RiteTag: Based on real-time hashtag engagement, you can quickly find the perfect words to include with your social media posts.
Jill A. Chafin / Motley Fool

Don’t forget that better hashtags allow your content to be found. RiteTag will offer you relevant suggestions, including analytics and tips on optimizing your posts. 
Kristyna Zapletalova / The Next Web      

Tracking and comparing hashtags or dumping them into your analytics platform can be time-consuming, especially when you’re sending out 10 or 20 Tweets in a single day. Get that time back with the RiteTag Social Media Optimizer. 
Todd A. Clarke / Hootsuite    

RiteTag: It’s a great tool that I find myself constantly using before sending out any social media posts. And, your competition is using it too.
Neil Patel /     

RiteTag: You can instantly see if the hashtag you’re using in your Tweets are appropriate or not, and at the same time, it improves your hashtag usage to optimize reach 
Alesia Hsiao /        

RiteTag: Increase your social media exposure exponentially.
Akhter / Smashing Apps       

Some hashtags are so popular that your tweet will quickly be drowned out. Ritetag helps you figure out the perfect hashtags to use, making sure your tweet gets noticed in the fray. 
Sandy Noto / PR Daily      

RiteTag can tell you how many times a hashtag is getting Tweeted, and from that give you an indication of how likely it is that your Tweet will be seen. 
Andy Vale / Audiense

RiteTag – Social media tool that automatically helps you find the best hashtag for a post.
John Jantsch / Duct Tape Marketing    

In RiteTag’s hashtag search, you can type your keyword into their search, and see how the hashtag (and related hashtags) rank on social media. This should give you a good sense of the volume of conversation happening around the topic.
Kevan Lee / Buffer     

RiteTag helps you optimize tweets and posts on the fly by analyzing the content you want to share, then suggesting the best hashtags to use.
Dan Cristo / Marketing Land   

RiteTag is interesting in that it’s basically a kind of hashtag personal trainer. It’s a great all round tool that helps you improve your own use of hashtags whilst giving you statistical insight into popular hashtags that you may be able to use to improve your own campaigns.
Richard Sunley / Talkwalker    

One of the best tools to identify the aptest hashtag for your tweets or posts. It is highly recommended for start-ups and also provides very valuable insights for big companies too. If you want to avoid the confusion and dilemma of picking up the right hashtag, head straight to RiteTag. It even helps to optimize the tags of your past, present and future tweets.
Pragya Talwar / iBlogzone     

RiteTag is an excellent tool which allows you to research and compare the popularity of Twitter hashtags and identify the best ones to use.
Ilia Markov / Sitepoint   

RiteTag tells you which hashtag is more likely to be seen and used by others. It will also recommend alternative hashtags that are more likely to be noticed.
Sonika Srivastava / WBcom Designs    

RiteTag is an absolute must-have for any social media manager. The tool gives you tag suggestions for images or text on any site and multiple social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook. All it takes is a right click on the image or text!
Tuiana Banz / SEMrush    

RiteTag is a tool that you can use to find Twitter’s top hashtags while keeping track of your current ones. Aside from showing the most significant hashtag data that you need, this tool also provides you with a list of the best possible hashtags that you can use for your tweets and images.
RiteTag also provides real-time feedback on your hashtag as you type, indicating its strength. It also has a Chrome extension that enables you to highlight text and right click on an image to instantly get corresponding hashtag suggestions.
Rechelle Ann Fuertes / Tweetchat, EdgyLabs    

RiteBoost provides you with a variety of options to boost your posts. It features an “Enhance Button” as well as options for adding relevant hashtags, emojis, pictures or GIFs automatically when clicking the right mouse button. The add-on can also be used to shorten link URLs as well to track the clicks on every shared URL.
Julia Berndl /

Check out RiteTag – It is a hashtag tool beyond a hashtag tool – Awesome for research too.
Adel de Meyer /        

Riteforge schedules your posts. You can set specific times you want each post to go out and you can add unlimited social media platforms all for $15 a month. It's amazingly easy to use and it achieves the best results I've seen so far. Unlike most other scheduling tools, this has unlimited advantages for it's price. From bulk posting to auto hashtags and emoji. It makes the job easier to do. I always advice my clients to use this instead of hiring a social media manager. This gets the job done for way less. I could go on and on about its advantages like how you are not limited by the number of social media platforms you use but that would take forever.
Ibukun Dawodu / ProductHunt

RiteTag will help you find the right hashtags with an image or text. You need to right-click on an image you want to post, and select "Get hashtag suggestions for image" or upload your image for hashtag suggestions. Select a text and right click and pick "Get hashtag suggestions for a text," or simply type your text on the bar and get hashtag suggestions.
Colors will indicate the strength of the suggested hashtags. You can also automatically copy the best ones or add them to your post or delete "banned" ones.
Narek Vardanyan / MarketingProfs

If people click a URL in your post and land on a site that is not yours, the connection that you earned is broken. So that’s my tip: use with RiteForge to keep the connection when you share webpages, and use them as an opportunity to advertise your own business.
Saul Fleischman, interviewed by Ditsa Keren / Website Planet

If you are not able to leave a stronger digital footprint on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and FB, your audience will lose you behind the dark doors. The right hashtag, the perfect CTA, and consistently top-performing social media posts are the right keys to unlock this door. RiteTag is the perfect tool to punch your product images with the ideal hashtags that can attract a bigger tribe. With, you can include the relevant CTA that immediately drives clicks. RiteBoost and RiteForge are the perfect assistants to craft compelling and consistent posts for various channels. These products are compatible with mobile and desktop. Moreover, they gel well with all the major social media platforms and marketing software like Hootsuite and HubSpot. You can check out this explainer video for more details. Magicindie - an indie game - ventured with RiteKit and used RiteForge to garner 5.9K impressions in just 28 days on Twitter. With RiteForge, their “haphazard and ineffective marketing got a kick” and garnered immense exposure among gaming enthusiasts.
Etee Dubey / Outgrow

Journalists search hashtags like #ClimateChange with tools such as RiteTag. With RiteTag, I find the hashtags used most for the topic, climate change, and learn how they are being used. (Translated from the original Japanese)
Daisuke Furuta of Buzzfeed Japan on NHK Japanese National TV

As you search for hashtags, make sure you are using tags that people actually use. RiteTag will recommend popular hashtags related to a specific topic or even image.
Derek Miller / GoDaddy

RiteTag is an amazing tool for searching trending hashtags... you can get the benefit of real-time marketing. For example, if you search for a hashtag “water crisis” on RiteTag, you will find the result in two ways: instant result and result over a while. To get the trending outcome, check the green-colored hashtags to get seen now. You can also get the hashtags only good for Instagram.
Editorial Team /

Updated on: 11/05/2024

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