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How to manage social media for clients with RiteKit - for PR and marketing agencies

Updated March 11, 2023

TL;DR: Get set up with the RiteKit Quick Start, but be sure to make Link Ads for each client (they're unlimited) and, for your top-tier clients, set up a Custom Domain for those clients before making their Link Ads.

The RiteKit Package is the best for getting high tiers of all four products, and at a 45% savings over getting the four products individually. If you have many clients, after starting with the Package, chat to us on the site and we can work out a reasonable extra charge that will allow you to schedule many more posts for many clients.

Use the quick setup video first, add clients' social profiles and make their advertisements (to embed on top of URLs you share in social and elsewhere) later:

Also see: Comparing Buffer Agency + Business with the RiteKit Package

Generally, you will find that marketing and PR agencies offer 3 packages. They are usually different based on the number of social profiles X the number of posts/day or week that the agency creates and schedules to be published to the client’s social profiles.

You can do better, and the RiteKit Package (which includes one custom domain) so you can be completely white-label, is built for doing so. Below, you will examples of the advertisements that people will see when they click on the URLs in social posts you will schedule for clients. For your lowest tier, give just 2 posts/day X five days/week X three to four social profiles (and no Instagram or Pinterest; just Twitter, Facebook page and LinkedIn). For higher tiers, more posts/day X more social profiles. You might also want to compare the package with MeetEdgar.

However, the unique and huge benefit that you can provide beyond sending out social posts is that each post will contain a link that will soft-sell for your client, and based on what the client pays you, it will either partially sell your social media marketing service while it sells for them or, if they pay for a higher tier, will completely sell for the client.

On the other hand, when we use RiteKit to make social posts that sell for us, we use our own ads. In this Tweet, click the link - and see how anyone who clicks it sees me, in the video, selling RiteKit:

Note that for low tiers of your service, the advertisement button could lead to the client’s offer, while the lower-right logo could be your logo and lead to your marketing agency’s site. You can even use your own domain, so the links don’t even say, recommended for agencies.

Ready to get set up? First, connect your social accounts and your clients' socials

Click RiteKit at the top-left of any of the RiteKit sites (RiteForge, RiteBoost, RiteTag, to begin adding Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest Boards, LinkedIn profiles, pages, and Facebook Pages.

How to share your RiteKit Package with as many team members as you like at no extra cost

However you registered, you have your basic login: email, Twitter or Facebook. (If you registered with Buffer, please add an additional login; we'll be removing Buffer login in time.)

If you do not wish to share the login credentials to the existing RiteKit Dashboard login with your team, in Settings, add an additional Twitter or Facebook account. It could be a personal social profile of a colleague or even a newly-made Twitter/Facebook account that you create and share credentials for, just for RiteKit login.

What to do:
With the RiteKit Dashboard open in one browser tab, open another browser tab and log out of Twitter or Facebook. In the new tab, then log in with the Twitter/Facebook account you wish to add.
Back in your RiteKit Dashboard browser tab, hit the + under Twitter or Facebook Login.

Use the Allow for login button to make the newly-added Twitter or Facebook account.

Finally, set up scheduling times per social profile added with the calendar icon beside each social profile in Settings.

Remember to always login to RiteKit with one of the social profiles or email you have set for login. (It is not possible to add emails for login.)

Not only can you share your RiteKit Package with your team, but if you have clients/partners that you would like to create and schedule social posts for, just get their Twitter/FB login credentials and add their accounts in Settings.

Integrate content sources you rely on

Visit Integrations if you will be importing content to use from Buffer, Pocket, Evernote, OneNote, Google Sheets, etc.

Keep clients' followers connected with the client's brand (or just plain sell) when followers click URLs in posts

Use the shortener as the default domain or replace it with your custom domain, and get your choice of Link Ads added to URLs you share.

It could be to get blog visitors...

Or, to market your software...

For any client for which a Link Ad on links is not desired, use for your shortener (Integrations).
To add a call-to-action to pages you share socially, click Link Ads in the top menu and set up one or more Link Ads.
Be sure to replace the branding with each of your clients' logos.
For clients who do not want a Link Ad displayed on URLs shared in their posts, but do want to track those who have had contact with their content, use the invisible Link Ad option. boasts the most tracking options in the industry:

Note that for links shortened with, Facebook and LinkedIn will not accept them. This is beyond our control; FB and LinkedIn are now blocking all short links created of full URLs. Thus, we suggest that you do not shorten links for posts you schedule to LinkedIn or Facebook. If just using, even with custom subdomain, please use them in Tweets, emails, IG comments - and everywhere else - just not in FB or LinkedIn.

Template your visuals with your branding and clients' branding

Check your Image Templates in RiteKit. The RiteKit style is an example. Create an Image/GIF Template per client, always with their logo.

Check the default rules for Enhance: images, auto-hashtagging, replace text, append (it all makes sense when you see it)

Set up your global Image Templates. You can easily modify your global Enhance rules, but it will save time if you set your default Enhance rules first.

Automatically import content and create perfectly optimized posts and entire social presences for your business and of each of your clients' businesses

Click Enhance at the top of our site, then open Bulk Creator, lower-left.

Click +New Formula to start building your first RiteBoost Formula. Each Formula starts with a content Source (choose from 14 content sources, each with options for constraining or filtering content) and lets you modify your global Enhance rules for each Formula. Remember to add social profiles to schedule to and save.

In ON mode, everything from a Formula gets your Enhance rules applied and then is added to the queue(s) of the social profile(s) designated in the Formula.
Start with OFF and Reload whenever you visit your RiteBoost Dashboard. You can then select posts, Enhance, and click in any posts that need customization. Click on words/hashtags for buttons that help with hashtags, images, GIFs, influencers to tag or click the down arrow to modify a single-use Enhance.

Everything above gets you started. Here are a couple things to do when you have time

Check out all the visual refinements possible for Link Ads, even including the icon to the left of the Link Ad button (see the Design tab, once you click the pencil button to edit a Link Ad from your dashboard). offers many tracking options for Facebook ads, Adwords, etc., and even takes Google Tag Manager IDs (see the Tracking tab in a Link Ad that you're editing). They're each unique to the Link Ad so you can be tracking affiliate marketing data or building a Facebook tracking pixel for a future Facebook ads custom audience, or do tens of other things.

At RiteKit, we save everything. (Even your sanity.)

Connected social profiles and all settings for Image Templates, Enhance, Integrations, Scheduling preferences and RiteBoost Formulas are saved for as long as you keep your RiteKit product subscriptions active.

Use our knowledge base from any RiteKit page you're on. There are over 100 tutorials on the using RiteKit product features and using the products together.
The RiteKit Youtube Tutorials Playlist is zero-fluff, all education.
Still stuck? Chat to us on the RiteKit site or through our browser extension. Send screenshots, OS, and login name to for real human help from a real RiteKit human staff member.

Updated on: 11/03/2023

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